Rent-A-Girlfriend: Episode 1 – Mini Review

Rent-A-Girlfriend is about a boy who is in a relationship for a whole month! Until he’s dumped in the first 30 seconds of the episode. Heartbroken and distraught, he turns to the best place for rebounds: the internet. He finds an online rental girlfriend service, but when he realizes the girl is obviously faking, things get even worse. Let the rom-com shenanigans ensue.



The production values look pretty good. The girls are very cute so far and have interesting personalities. The voice acting is really good as well. The premise is unique if not a bit corny. 


The show, by its nature, is very objectifying. The dialogue got a little too raunchy for my personal taste. I’m still lacking a real central theme or reason to keep watching. This could come in future episodes.



My feelings so far are mixed. The characters are likable, and the premise is definitely worth checking out. Most people will know if this is for them from the title card alone. I can’t recommend it quite yet, but I’m not totally against it either. We’ll have to see where it goes in the coming weeks.

I plan to watch the first episode of every new show that is coming out this season. If you want to know what to watch and what to avoid, follow this series. Here is a list of all the shows.