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Game Crater: Review Scores Explained

At Game Crater, we cover reviews and previews on video games and tech.

We use a fairly common rating system of scoring games out of 10. Previously, we used half scores (2020-2022), but to simplify our system even further, all our reviews will be whole numbers. So, don’t worry, you won’t be seeing .1s or .2s anywhere!

All reviews at Game Crater are always written by one person. This means that others in our team may rate a title higher or lower than the reviewer. That’s normal, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, because of this, you might find that some articles are more favorable than our original review. Sometimes, people love certain games that others don’t particularly enjoy.’

Video Game Scores

Unplayable – 1/10

This rating is for games that are barely functional, offering an extremely poor gaming experience. These games often have severe technical issues and lack any enjoyable aspects.

Terrible – 2/10

These games might function but are still of very low quality. They may have fundamental design flaws or execution issues but are not completely broken.

Bad – 3/10

Games rated as ‘Bad’ have some redeemable qualities or good ideas, but these are overshadowed by significant drawbacks in gameplay, design, or technical performance.

Examples include:

Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX - The Game Crater Feature Image
Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX – Key Art

Poor – 4/10

Such games might have ambitious ideas but fail in execution. They can be appreciated for their effort, but overall, they fall short of delivering a satisfactory gaming experience.

Examples include:

The Medium - Feature Image
The Medium (Key Art)

Mediocre – 5/10

These are average games that are functional and might provide some entertainment but are generally forgettable. They lack distinguishing features that make them stand out.

Examples include:

Scott Pilgrim
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game – Complete Edition (The Game Crater Screenshot)

Decent – 6/10

Games that are better than average and may offer fun experiences, particularly for fans of the genre. However, they might still have some shortcomings that prevent them from being highly memorable or exceptional.

Examples include:

Marvel's Avengers Header
Marvel’s Avengers (The Game Crater Screenshot)

Good – 7/10

Good games offer enjoyable experiences with well-executed ideas. They are worth playing despite some minor flaws or areas lacking polish.

Examples include:

Cyberpunk Night City in Day
Cyberpunk 2077 (The Game Crater Screenshot)

Great – 8/10

These games are hard to put down, featuring excellent mechanics, narratives, and visuals. They might have minor faults, but overall, they provide a high-quality gaming experience.

Examples include:

New Pokémon Snap - Gengar
New Pokémon Snap – Gengar

Amazing – 9/10

These are standout games that leave a lasting impact. They are often seen as life-changing experiences and are highly praised for their innovation, storytelling, and gameplay.

Examples include:

Ghost of Tsushima Games The Game Crater
Ghost of Tsushima (The Game Crater Screenshot)

Mythical – 10/10

This is a rare and exceptional rating reserved for games that are near perfect. These games are often seen as classics, influencing the gaming industry and setting new standards. The mythical score that blesses very few games.

Examples include:

What Comes After - Feature Image
What Comes After