Monster Girl Doctor

Monster Girl Doctor: Episode 1 – Mini Review

Set in a world where monsters and humans coexist, Monster Girl Doctor is about a doctor who with the help of his assistant, treats monster girls. What did you think it was going to be about?

Monster Girl Doctor


The monster designs were impressive and the level of professionalism the doctor displays makes it somewhat easier to stomach the ‘ecchi’. It hasn’t gotten particularly lewd yet but I expect that to change knowing what kind of show it is.


The premise of Monster Girl Doctor is a bit creepy to begin with. Also, not a lot happened in episode one. The art style isn’t particularly gripping but it isn’t awful by any means. The biggest fault so far is failing to get me invested early.

Monster Girl Doctor


I could see this one improving over time but for now, I was underwhelmed. Some designs stood out while others felt flat. If you liked the premise, I’d recommend Interspecies Reviewers or Monster Musume since they do the concept really well. 

I plan to watch the first episode of every new show that is coming out this season. If you want to know what to watch, and what to stay away from, follow this series.