The Great Pretender: Episode 1 – Mini Review

The Great Pretender follows Makoto “Edamame” Edamura. A man who has adopted a life of crime. Episode 1 begins with a con-man trying to sell a woman a water purifier by using another con-man as bait. Following this, a con-man cons two other con-men out of their wallets. This prompts Makoto or ‘Japan’s greatest con-man’ to chase after the perpetrator. This leads him to embark on a flight to LA where his life will change forever. 



After only one episode, I have so many good things to say. The Great Pretender’s animation was fluid and easy to follow, the voice acting was perfect, even with the multiple languages. The story and jokes flowed seamlessly together. Watching a con-man at work is such a fun experience.


There were a few times when the show pushed into ‘ecchi’ territory but it was brief and didn’t really take away from the otherwise perfect execution.



I’m surprised more people aren’t talking about The Great Pretender. If you like stage magic or mind games, then you will love this. It’s smart, quick, and well-crafted. I can only hope it stays this good til the end.

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