Fire Force

Fire Force: Season 2 Episode 1 – Mini Review

In the Fire Force universe, humanity is not as we know it. Random people are transformed into aggressive, flaming creatures known as Infernals. And to combat this, there are pyrokinetics. These people are gifted with the ability to manipulate and control their flames whilst having complete control and remaining a human. Basically, Fire force is about people with fire powers, fighting people made of fire.

In this episode, the gang tried to get one of their members to dress funny. Then they fight an infernal before taking pictures for a special calendar.

Fire Force


The animation is solid. The fight looked great and there weren’t any immersion-breaking fan service shots so that was a plus. The opening has a lot to unpack which is exciting. The concept is still interesting and a lot of fun.


The first third of the episode dragged for a while. It was fun once we got to the fight though but then the last third was just dumb jokes about calendar pictures. The fight with the infernal really didn’t have stakes and felt like the show was just welcoming old viewers back. A good way to start a second season but a bad way to get me invested early.

Fire Force


My biggest issue with the first season was the number of times fan service destroyed dramatic tension. So far, there is none of that here so I’m optimistic. I still struggle to be invested in the story and I wish they did more with the religious aspect of the world-building. But alas, that does not seem to be their priority. My hopes are low but I’ve been wrong before, maybe things are just heating up?

I plan to watch the first episode of every new show that is coming out this season. If you want to know what to watch, and what to stay away from, follow this series.