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Rise of the Ronin: Taka Murayama Romance & Favor Guide

Taka Murayama is a renowned, witty geisha that you meet early in Rise of the Ronin when you first reach Yokohama, which makes her a great romance option for you to build Bond and Favor.

As with every character in Rise of the Ronin, the key to starting a relationship, or Veiled Vow, is to increase your Bond level and Favor bar. While this isn’t Baldur’s Gate 3, and you won’t be punished dramatically for your decisions, there are still ways to progress romances faster than if you were just going through the motions. Here is everything you need to know about romancing and building Favor with Taka Murayama.

When Do You Meet Taka Murayama?

You will meet Taka Murayama after you reach Yokohama and talk with Ryoma Sakamoto to start the Main Mission called “Follow your Blade Twin”. Upon meeting her during a cutscene, there is a mysterious aura about her initially as she hands you an apple, introducing herself similarly to the evil witch from Snow White.

Fortunately, she doesn’t have a bad bone in her body, and after you complete the “A Pleasure District Portrait” Main Mission, the opportunity to increase Bond and Favor opens up to the player.

Rise of the Ronin Taka Murayama offering players an apple when they first meet

How to Romance and Build Favor with Taka Murayama

There are three ways to romance and build Favor with characters in Rise of the Ronin: Bond Missions, Gifts, and Positive Discussion. Taka Murayama features in several Main Missions, but there are 2 Bond Missions that you must complete to increase your bond with her.

  • Encroaching Shadows (Level 9) – Unlocks after completing “Hidden Motives” Main Mission
    • This Bond Mission involves you rescuing Taka from the Kurosu clan. In return, she introduces you to her lord, Naosuke Ii.
  • A Light in the Darkness (Level 17) – Unlocks during “Those Who Gather at Edo” Main Mission.
    • You must tell Taka that you can count on her to accept the mission.
    • This mission involves you rescuing a sick geisha underground from some evil wrongdoers. Once you complete the mission, you will take a photograph of your time spent with Taka.

Positive Discussion & Favorite Gifts

There are two other ways that you can gain Favor and Bond with characters in Rise of the Ronin, and that is with positive discussion and giving them their favorite gifts.

After reaching a high level of Favor and Bond with Taka Murayama, you will share a conversation with her called “Windows to the Soul.” Taka Murayama begins the conversation by saying, “Talking with you like this… You’re not the same person as when I first met you. Back then, you seemed so fierce… So free… But now I know there is much more to you.”

You will be presented with two options, “What’s the matter?” and “Please…stop staring.” Fortunately, both of these answers will increase both your Bond and Favor, so there is no wrong answer. In fact, once you leave Yokohama, travel to Edo, and use the Testament of the Soul to return to the conversation, you can earn more Favor and Bond by choosing the option you didn’t originally choose. This allows you to capitalize on both the conversation options and all the rewards.

Considering Taka Murayama is a geisha, she loves Edo Cosmetics. The Face Powder and Brush Consumables item is the best choice of item that you can give her. It’s quite hard to come by, but if you don’t find one while playing the Main Missions, you can purchase the Face Powder and Brush at the Trader in Sakura Inn for 15 Silver Coins.

Taka Murayama Bond Screen in Rise of the Ronin
In-game Screenshot

Taka Murayama Bond Rewards

There are four Bond levels for every character in Rise of the Ronin, and increasing favor will also increase your Bond with that character. Here are all the rewards you can earn for increasing your Bond with Taka Murayama:

Bond LevelRewards
Acquainted(No Rewards)
FriendlyCharm Points +1
Female Noh Mask
Formal Kimono
InseparableGesture: Elegant Turn
Courtesan’s Hairpin
FatedCharm Points +1

That’s everything you need to know about becoming a Veiled Vow and romancing Taka Murayama in Rise of the Ronin. Make sure you check out our Guide Hub for more articles and news on the game.


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