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The Best Indie Gaming Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

It seems like these days everyone and their dog is a video game developer, journalist or YouTuber. Back in my day – bear in mind I’m only 23 – being a video game developer seemed like a pipe dream reserved for those lucky few who managed to work the system. I’m sure that it only seemed that way from my ill-informed childish perceptive. But I feel like it’s not outlandish to claim that more indie games are releasing now than ever before. I mean take a glance at the upcoming tab on Steam or search “indie developer” on Twitter and you’ll see what I mean.

But in this wild west of indie games that are coming at you quicker than you can say “but I haven’t even played Hades yet” – true story – it’s easy to miss some stellar titles that are currently in the works. Before I joined The Game Crater, I was reluctant to get Twitter. But, ever since getting it, I’ve realised – aside from Discord of course – it’s a pretty fantastic way to get updates on games you’re excited about.

Image Credit – Inasa Fujio

So, I figured I’d do my due diligence and let you fine readers know about some phenomenal folks out there producing, talking about, or filming themselves playing some spicy looking games. I’m going to try and include as many people as I can. However, my knowledge will only stretch so far. There’s going to be a mix of YouTubers, developers and journalists sprinkled in here. Hopefully, someone on this list will catch your eye, and you’ll head on over and give them a follow. So, without further ado, here is a comprehensive guide of folks you should follow in no particular order.

The Accounts

There are a lot of accounts listed below in the guide with many of them even tucked away within the descriptions of other accounts! So, to help you out, I’ve compiled a list of every main account in the guide. If you like the sound of a particular Twitter account then click on any of these links to be brought directly to their description!

  1. Inasa Fujio (@Inasa_Fujio)
  2. by yeo (@shin_yeo)
  3. SonzaiGame (@2odddiodes)
  4. Yeshio (@YeshioXD)
  5. Luke Nowland (@LukeNowland)
  6. A Long Journey to an Uncertain End (@CrispyCreative)
  7. Marina Sciberras (@cowleyfornian)
  8. Boys Laugh + (@boyslaughplus)
  9. Smarto Club (@smarto_club)
  10. Happy Broccoli Games (@happybroccgames)
  11. Tall Story Games (@tallstorygames)
  12. jitspoe (@jitspoe)
  13. Kriegsfront Tactics (@kriegsfront)
  14. David Czar (@davidczar_)
  15. To The Rescue! (@ToTheRescueGame)
  16. 100 Word Gaming Reviews (@100WordGame)
  17. Misc. A Tiny Tale (@MiscATinyTale)
  18. 3D Platformers (@3D_Platformers)
  19. Wolfstride (@wolfstride_game)
  20. Zeepkist (@ZeepkistGame)
  21. Star or Shovelware (@SShovelware)
  22. LOST CONSTRUCT (@lostconstrgame)
  23. Brass Brigade Game (@BrassBrigadeDev)
  24. thekoalarebellion (@koalarebellion)

Inasa Fujio (@Inasa_Fujio)

If you’re even vaguely interested in video games centred around Japan or Japanese culture, then following Inasa Fujio will almost certainly brighten your day. The self-described “confused game developer” is responsible for the phenomenal Rainy Season– which is available to play for very cheap over on Steam. Inasa doesn’t post frequently, but whenever he does it is usually about some interesting details concerning his multitude of upcoming projects.

If you’re looking to see a more personal side to Inasa, check out his other Twitter account – @Pilotfujio. While most of the tweets from that account are in Japanese, it’s still worth checking out, especially if you want some solid movie recommendations. Any film by Hirokazu Koreeda is a plus in my book, just saying.

by yeo (@shin_yeo)

Yeo is by far one of my favourite indie developers working today. He has crafted two of the most impressive works of art I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. If you’re unfamiliar, Yeo is the developer behind The friends of Ringo Ishikawa and Arrest of a stone Buddha, both of which I highly recommend checking out on Steam or the Nintendo Switch. His Twitter account is currently documenting his work on his upcoming game, Fading Afternoon – which you can learn more about here.

I feel like this is an account well worth following. This is especially so if you want an insightful look into the life of a video game developer. Yeo isn’t shy about sharing information about the development of his games. He offers some genuinely interesting insights into the world of game development. If you want to know more about Yeo, you can check out our interview with him here.

SonzaiGame (@2odddiodes)

If you haven’t heard about the upcoming Persona meets Devil May Cry indie game, Sonzai, then honestly what are you doing with your life? Sonzai holds a special place in my heart, despite having never played it. Developed by two college students, and published by Top Hat Studios – check them out on Twitter too at @TopHatStudiosENSonzai is a stunning hand-animated indie game all about exploring surreal worlds and getting through school. The Sonzai Twitter account has been posting images, gifs and videos of development showcasing some of the best the game has to offer.

Sonzai is one of the few games that has truly spoken to me and one that I am endlessly excited about. Yes, I know I wrote an article all about expectation and disappointment, but I can’t help it. Look at how amazing it is! You should absolutely check out Sonzai on Steam and the developers on Twitter if only to look at some stunning art.

Yeshio (@YeshioXD)

Yeshio is a YouTuber I stumbled across one night while searching endlessly for new content. His review of Pine, the fantastic open-world adventure by Twirlbound – check them out on Twitter at @Twirlbound – was the first I watched, and since then I’ve pretty much-consumed everything he’s made. Most of the videos he produces have some form of pretty incredible animation bookending each segment. Yeshio clearly puts a lot of effort into his videos, to the point that there is a running storyline that is at Season 3 now.

He has a huge range of content on his channel, including more comedic videos (see above), reviews, gameplay, music stuff (including one song I simply can’t get out of my head) and more. His channel and Twitter account are seriously underrated and well worth taking a look at. You won’t regret it.

Luke Nowland (@LukeNowland)

Luke Nowland is the Founder of Slo Nod Games – check them out on Twitter at @SloNodGames – and an incredible indie developer. While he doesn’t post frequently, whenever he does you get a great insight into whatever project he’s working on. We’ve reviewed countless Slo Nod games here on The Game Crater, and each one was as unique as the last.

You never really know what to expect from Luke Nowland other than whatever it is it’s bound to be brilliant. This is definitely a developer to check out and keep your eye on, especially if you want to see innovation in the making.

A Long Journey to an Uncertain End (@CrispyCreative)

A Long Journey to an Uncertain End remains the only game I’ve backed on Kickstarter. From the moment I saw it, I knew it was going to be an amazing title. We’ve covered it and its respective demo here on The Game Crater. But suffice to say it’s a truly genius game. The developers Crispy Creative are constantly updating their Twitter with developer updates, pictures, videos and the like, as well as all their backers with a ton of updates. They’re clearly very invested in their game, and their commitment to it shows.

If you’re interested in their “narrative space opera game that’s Firefly meets The Fifth Element“, then you should absolutely follow them on Twitter and check out their game on Steam. As always it’s great to support indie developers, but these guys have a corgi as their mascot and a cute one at that. If that’s not a good enough incentive, then I don’t know what is!

Marina Sciberras (@cowleyfornian)

Marina Sciberras is an incredibly interesting developer with a fascinating background. We’ve spoken with her at length about her history with games over on our podcast – Crater Corner – as well as her game Sarawak and her upcoming project We’ll always have Paris. While she doesn’t tweet a ton, she does often share a lot of interesting projects, as well as details about Sarawak.

Marina is a self-taught developer with a lot of interesting things to say. Her games, which she makes with her partner, are truly one of a kind. I’ve never had a narrative experience quite like Sarawak, and it’s one of the few games I’ve given a 10 out of 10. Definitely check out Marina on Twitter, the very reasonably priced Sarawak on Steam and her upcoming game too.

Boys Laugh + (@boyslaughplus)

Boys Laugh + are the folks behind the wonderful and free visual novel //TODO: today. It is one of the few games that has had a genuine impact on my life and made me contemplate my place in this world. No joke. So, when I say these guys are geniuses when it comes to visual novels and writing, you better believe it. They’re also “focus on inclusivity and LGBT+ themes” which frankly I love. It’s always amazing to see, and I fully believe we need more of it.

Boys Laugh + are working on a new title called Brassica – A Marry Tale which is available over on for $5. Currently, two of the planned 5 acts are available, with the price increasing with each new act. However, if you get it now you’ll have access to all 5 acts when they’ve been released. They frequently share screenshots and development updates about their new project, so if you’re interested in learning more about it, Twitter is definitely the place to find out. Be sure to check them out on Twitter, //TODO: today on Steam and Brassica – A Marry Tale on

Smarto Club (@smarto_club)

Smarto Club are the developers behind the upcoming “cozy narrative” game Teacup. We got a chance to play it a little while ago during the LudoNarraCon event, and boy was it incredible. Smarto Club is made up of three members – @sukinapan, @franmeliov and @alce_x – and they frequently post updates to their Twitter account. Teacup is a game worth getting excited about, and following their Twitter account is probably the best way of doing that.

Like with all of the accounts listed in this guide, supporting these fine folk with a follow is surely appreciated. But Smarto Club are doing something truly unique here with Teacup, especially in the visual department. It’s not often you get a game that looks as good as Teacup crop up. So, if this looks like something you’d enjoy, check out Teacup on Steam and Smarto Club on Twitter.

Happy Broccoli Games (@happybroccgames)

The fine folks over at Happy Broccoli Games are making one of the best titles to come out of the LudoNarraCon event: Kraken Academy!! If you haven’t heard about Kraken Academy!! then I highly recommend checking out our preview. But if you don’t fancy doing that, well then it is a “time travelling adventure with a magical kraken!” What more could you want?

As per usual, they post frequent updates, gifs, pictures and the like, but with an added sense of humour which is always appreciated. They also seem genuinely invested in their community, like a lot of the people listed in this guide. Definitely check these guys out on Twitter, and wishlist Kraken Academy!! on Steam.

Tall Story Games (@tallstorygames)

This is another developer that we’ve had the great fortune to interview over on our podcast Crater Corner. Tall Story Games is run by the wonderful Tom and Emma Hardwidge, who have had an interesting start in game development. They’ve used Twitter a lot to promote their upcoming point and click adventure game Lucy Dreaming and are constantly updating it with new material for fans.

From their point and click titles to this far bigger project, Tall Story Games put in so much effort into every project they’ve done. These guys are well worth a follow, if only to see their amazing progress and get a good insight into the world of game development from people who until recently weren’t a part of said world. Check out Lucy Dreaming on Steam and Tall Story Games on Twitter.

jitspoe (@jitspoe)

Nathan “Jitspoe” Wulf is a phenomenal triple-A turned indie developer. He’s just released his wonderfully witty game Goop Loop onto Steam, and is working on his upcoming 2.5D action platformer Fist of the Forgotten – which has its own Twitter account at @FistForgotten. We interviewed him a while back on our podcast Crater Corner, and had a fascinating discussion about transitioning from working on triple-A games like Far Cry to indie games.

Jitspoe has a wonderful sense of humour that is present in almost all of his tweets. He frequently showcases his various games, as well as letting fans know when he’s streaming over on Twitch. Additionally, if you want a further honest insight into the world of game development, you can check out his YouTube channel. Check out Goop Loop on Steam, wishlist Fist of the Forgotten, subscribe on YouTube and Twitch and follow on Twitter. You won’t regret it.

Kriegsfront Tactics (@kriegsfront)

If you’re as big a fan of mechs as I am (this isn’t the only mech-based Twitter account on here), then you should follow the Kriegsfront Tactics account immediately. Kriegsfront Tactics is a turned-based mecha game set in Southeast Asia and is inspired by Front Mission. It is being developed by Toge Productions – who have their own Twitter account at @togeproductions. This is a super stylish game with frankly incredible visual design, and is jam-packed with a ton of innovative features.

The developers have a wonderful sense of humour that is present throughout their Twitter account, and offer a lot of insight into the production of their game. Even if the game seems interesting, it is worth following their game on Twitter to get updates on how things are progressing.

David Czar (@davidczar_)

Studio Ghibli films have played a significant role in my life, going as far to even save it at one point. So when I saw David Czar’s game Clawfish showcased in the 2021 Wholesome Direct, I immediately snapped it up. It is a stunning, Ghibli-inspired game that I called a “mesmerising sojurn” in my review.

Well, it goes without saying that David Czar’s Twitter account is full of wonderful details about Clawfish. He is very invested in his community, and often thanks fans for their support. It’s a great place to be, either to look at the phenomenal screenshots or bask in the wholesome nature of his account. Check out his twitter, Clawfish on Steam and his page.

To The Rescue! (@ToTheRescueGame)

We’re huge fans of To The Rescue! here at The Game Crater. We got to interview one of its designers, Olivia Dunlap – follow her at @ocdunlap – not once, but twice. We wrote a big piece on why you should get excited about it during E3, and interviewed her on our podcast, Crater Corner. It’s a dog shelter simulator by the fine folks at Little Rock Games – follow them at @PlayLRGames – and has an absolutely stunning visual style.

If you’re looking for something wholesome to get invested in, then To The Rescue! should absolutely be on your radar. Everyone involved in the project is really wonderful and all deserve a follow too! You can check them out at @tmarshall619, @YukaOmatic, @merrigel and @Be11eBunny. This is likely to be one of the best indie games of the year, and definitely worth a follow. Wishlist To The Rescue! over on Steam and follow these fine folk on Twitter.

100 Word Gaming Reviews (@100WordGame)

You ever feel like the article you’re reading goes on for way too long. I mean, not this article of course, but any other article? Well then 100 Word Gaming Reviews is absolutely for you. The name kind of gives away what they do, but to summarise they write reviews that are 100 words long. There’s no fluff here. You want to know if something is good or not pronto? Then these are your guys.

Honestly, I’m a little jealous of 100 Word Gaming Reviews. It’s hard to find a niche in a landscape dominated by hundreds of indie publications. These guys have found something and really stuck with it. Their content is always great, and their Twitter is just a great way to see what they’re posting about. You can check out their site here and listen to their podcast here.

Misc. A Tiny Tale (@MiscATinyTale)

This one is a no-brainer for me. I love Misc. A Tiny Tale. When I played it back during the Steam Next Fest I had an absolute blast and couldn’t praise it enough in my preview. My love of the game was only further increased after interviewing its lead developer, Michael Pearce – follow him at @AtomicPang – on our podcast Crater Corner. Misc. A Tiny Tale is a platformer inspired by Chibi-Robo! and is full of fantastic ideas and great world building. It is being developed by the wholesome Tinyware Games – you can follow them at @tinywaregames.

There’s a lot to love about Misc. A Tiny Tale and its Twitter account. They retweet a lot of posts from other indie games which is great for hearing about other upcoming titles. They also offer a wonderful insight into Misc. A Tiny Tale itself and offer frequent updates. It’s hard not to love this game, and I highly recommend both wishlisting it on Steam and giving these guys a follow.

3D Platformers (@3D_Platformers)

Okay, so this one kind of feels like cheating as the account is ran by Michael Pearce aka the aforementioned @AtomicPang and lead designer of Misc. A Tiny Tale. But, I honestly felt like due to the amazing work that they’re doing over at 3D Platformers, I would be remiss if I didn’t include them. Essentially, the account posts about upcoming indie platformers sharing details about them and even offering their opinions from time to time.

They’re even hosting their own direct-style presentation in September, specifically focusing on indie 3D platformers. It’s always great to see developers supporting each other, and the work this account is doing is likely a huge help to some. It would be great to see this account grow, and continue to help out these indie games. Who knows, by following them you might even discover something that peaks your interest.

Wolfstride (@wolfstride_game)

This account is seriously underrated, especially considering how amazing Wolfstride looks. This is a turn-based mech fighting game being developed by OTA IMON – follow them at @ota_imon – and published by Raw Fury – follow them at @RawFury. The visuals alone should sell you on this incredibly stylish title, especially if you’re into anime and mechs.

I personally tried out Wolfstride during the Steam Next Fest and absolutely loved it. It is by far one of the best mech-based games I’ve ever played, and satisfied my desire for a kickass mech game. You should definitely wishlist Wolfstride and give these guys a follow. You can even try out its free demo on Steam.

Zeepkist (@ZeepkistGame)

Zeepkist is a super fun cooperative soap-box racing game currently in Early Access. Its Twitter account is the place to be for updates and some pretty sweet gameplay. Zeepkist is being developed by solo indie developer Steelpan Interactive – follow him at @Steelpan_Dev – also known as Yannic – follow him for some genuinely brilliant opinions at @fiets38.

We’ve loved Zeepkist ever since we got to review it way back when. It was actually one of the first games I got to review back when I started at The Game Crater. So, it holds a special place in my heart. We’ve been covering it ever since, and letting you fine readers know whenever an update is released. You should definitely check out both Zeepkist on Steam and on Twitter.

Star or Shovelware (@SShovelware)

Star or Shovelware is a phenomenal YouTuber that any self-respecting Switch owner should be subscribed to. He’s doing some incredibly work on his channel, not only reviewing all sorts of Switch games from indie to triple-A, but also spotlighting the tragic state of the Nintendo Switch eShop and the obscene amount of asset flips on there. I discussed him and all of this in my article about the sorry state of the Nintendo Switch eShop.

His Twitter account is dedicated to letting his fans know about newly released videos, so it’s well worth following if you’re interested in his channel. You can also check out his very welcoming Discord of which I am a member. Definetly check out Star or Shovelware if you want to see the finest in video game reviews.

LOST CONSTRUCT (@lostconstrgame)

If you’re a fan of Advanced Wars, but, like me, the recent reveal of Advanced Wars 1 + 2 Re-Boot Camp didn’t do it for you, then you’re going to want to check out LOST CONSTRUCT. This is the sci-fi spin on Advanced Wars that I’ve been pining after for quite some time. The developers post relatively regularly with updates and videos about their incredibly stylish take on the Advanced Wars formula.

So, if you’re looking for a unique turn-based strategy game to get into, then you can’t go wrong with LOST CONSTRUCT. It is well worth checking out, especially if you’re a fan of the genre and of the game’s inspirations.

Brass Brigade Game (@BrassBrigadeDev)

If you checked out my recent guide about the best shooters with offline bots, then there’s a chance you came across Brass Brigade. This is by far one of my favourite games currently, as it usually takes up a huge portion of my day. It is a huge offline first-person/third-person WW2 title with a whole slew of maps and battles for the player to take part in.

You can fully customise how many bots you want per match, as well as various other features. This is a criminally underrated game, and deserves far more attention that what it is currently receiving. For its exceptionally low price, you absolutely cannot go wrong. Check out both Brass Brigade on Steam and its Twitter account.

thekoalarebellion (@koalarebellion)

If you’re a fan of retro point and click adventure games then you might just want to take a look at The Koala Rebellion. Brimming with “action, puzzles and slap-silly-stickiness”, The Koala Rebellion looks like a fun hommage to the point and click games of yonder. With stunning pixel art work by pixel_salvaje – follow them at @Pixel_SalvajeThe Koala Rebellion will surely please fans of the genre.

It’s also just a fun account to follow, as they regularly document the trials and tribulations of an indie dev in a rather humourous way. They’re absolutely deserving of your follow, especially if you are into point and click games. Check out their website to try the demo and follow them on Twitter.

Did We Miss Any?

There’s already a ton of accounts listed in this article, but there’s bound to be hundreds more that we’ve missed. Let us know on our various social media accounts – including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – about any indie gaming Twitter accounts that you’d recommend following.