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Tales of Kenzera: Zau: All Trinket Locations

Tales of Kenzera: Zau has Trinkets that players can search for and earn through challenges. Here are all of their locations.

Like all good Metroidvania games, Tales of Kenzera: Zau has a variety of secrets and challenges for the player to get distracted by. One such distraction is Trinkets, powerful equipable items that boost Zau’s abilities. There are 11 hidden throughout the game, which can be hard to find if you don’t know where to look. Luckily for you, we have listed their locations below, as well as each Trinket’s effect.

How Many Trinkets Are There And How To Equip Them

Players can find 11 Trinkets throughout the four acts of Tales of Kenzera: Zau. Besides the first level, where you see two trinkets, each level has one for players to obtain. Furthermore, one is automatically given to players by interacting with a workbench early on.

Equipping Trinkets is simple and can only be done when players are at a workbench. When you start in the game, only one Trinket can be equipped at a time. However, completing the Spirit Riutals throughout can increase the Trinket slots to up to four.

Trinket #1

  • Name: Battering Stance
  • Effect: Damage inflicted when slamming enemies into each other or the environment is increased.
  • Location: Buluu Caverns. After falling into the caverns, you will trek down a water flow. Kalunga will notify you of the purple Trinket symbol on the wall.
  • Shaman Challenge: Avoid the environmental hazards while going down the water flow.
Tales of Kenzera: Zau Trinket 1 location
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Trinket #2

  • Name: Lifted Spirit
  • Effect: Juggling enemies in combat increases the amount of Spirit gained.
  • Location: Buluu Caverns. Unlocked by interacting with your first workbench.
  • Shaman Challenge: No challenge.
Trinket 2 location in Tales of Kenzera: Zau
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Trinket #3

  • Name: Retaliating Spirit
  • Effect: When Zau is damaged by an enemy, he receives Spirit.
  • Location: The Great Cliffs. The Trinket is at the bottom righthand area when looking at the map of The Great Cliffs.
  • Shaman Challenge: Players must wall jump upwards and climb the platforms to reach the Trinket’s area.
Tales of Kenzera: Zau trinket 3
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Trinket #4

  • Name: Vigorous Spirit
  • Effect: Health gained from Healing is greatly increased.
  • Location: Ikakaramba. Located deep in the caves.
  • Shaman Challenge: Players must have Akida’s Spear available. Once unlocked, they must throw a spear at a target and get through the opened door before it closes again.
treasure location 4 Zau
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Trinket #5

  • Name: Eluding Soul
  • Effect: Zau gains resistance to projectile damage.
  • Location: The Drowning Swamps. It is located just slightly to the bottom right of the workbench in this area.
  • Shaman Challenge: This challenge has players dodging spikes and jumping over acid while trekking towards the Trinket symbol.
Tales location #5
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Trinket #6

  • Name: Prosperous Mind
  • Effect: Ulogi gained from defeating enemies is increased.
  • Location: The Wildwood. While trekking through the area, players will need to find two keys. Head to the left of this section to find the Trinket challenge location.
  • Shaman Challenge: Players must avoid the spikes and swing traps to reach this Trinket.
Treasure 6 location Tales Zau
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Trinket #7

  • Name: Heroic Stance
  • Effect: Zau’s damage is increased when he is at Full Health.
  • Location: Western side of Nature’s Crown.
  • Shaman Challenge: This challenge requires players to platform towards the Trinket symbol using Zawadi’s Hook. While doing so, look out for the spikes, as they will instantly kill you.
Nature's Crown trinket location Zau
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Trinket #8

  • Name: Stone Soul
  • Effect: Zau gains resistance to melee damage.
  • Location: Ember’s Spring. When looking at the map, the Trinket challenge is in the Northwestern area of the section.
  • Shaman Challenge: Acquire the ability called Tawa’s Heart. Once players have it, they must use it to clear a path by hitting the destructible walls blocking it. Furthermore, they must keep progressing through, destroying walls and going through waterfalls while avoiding the hot water hazards. At the end awaits the Trinket.
Ember's Spring location
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Trinket #9

  • Name: Augmented Spirit
  • Effect: Increases the amount of Spirit gained from damaging enemies.
  • Location: The Searing Sands. Right beside the fast travel location for the area. Also, leave from the workbench and take a right after the drop-off.
  • Shaman Challenge: Players must use their glide ability to get across a specific path. While traversing this path, you must destroy the barriers to continue toward the Trinket.
Searing Sands location Trinket
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Trinket #10

  • Name: Indomitable Soul
  • Effect: Zau gains resistance to all damage when he is at Critical Health.
  • Location: Mount Itshoka. At the top section of the area.
  • Shaman Challenge: Using your glider and the Tshukudu’s Might ability, players must navigate the path without falling into environmental hazards along the way.
Moutn Itshoka trinket location Zau
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Trinket #11

  • Name: Final Stance
  • Effect: Zau’s damage is increased when he is at Critical Health.
  • Location: The Enduring Rite. Upon arriving in the area, go straight; at the first opportunity to go left or right, go left. Progress upwards and continue left and upwards again, past the Workbench. Take one more platform up and left into the start of the Trinket challenge.
  • Shaman Challenge: The final challenge requires players to use the glider again to fly through the preset path. There are various hazards to keep an eye out for while progressing.
Enduring Rite location
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That is where you can find all of the Trinkets in Tales of Kenzera: Zau and what they do. For more guides like this one, be sure to head over to our Guide Hub.


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