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No Rest for the Wicked: How to Get More Storage

Players looking to store all of their loot in No Rest for the Wicked will want as much storage space as possible. But where can you store items?

Inventory space in No Rest for the Wicked is laughably small in the early game. Lugging around all your loot before arriving in Sacrament can be a chore. Even after you arrive in Sacrament, there aren’t many places to put your loot. Fortunately, if you’re willing to invest enough coins into the town, you can unlock a lot of additional storage space.

Where to Store Items in No Rest for the Wicked

Players can store items in the Community Chest in the Rookery in Sacrament. This is located at the top of the town, in the room you are given by Roan after defeating Warrick the Torn outside of Sacrament. The Community Chest has 40 storage slots, allowing you to place anything from your inventory inside.

Outside of the Community Chest, players can also store items in their own home. After purchasing a house, you can buy or craft Storage Chests from Whittaker and put them in your home. In theory, you can have as many Storage Chests as you want, allowing you to store all the rare weapons and gear you’ve collected, as well as resources you don’t need constantly.

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The easiest way to get Storage Chests is to buy them from Whittaker. He sells a Small Chest with 10 storage slots for 60 Bronze coins, a Medium Chest with 20 storage slots for two Silver Coins and 40 Bronze Coins, as well as larger variants that become available after you’ve upgraded Whittaker’s Crafting Shack. Alternatively, you can craft Storage Chests by locating the blueprints either in chests outside of Sacrament or by purchasing them from Whittaker. It’s worth noting that Whittaker sells cupboards. However, these don’t store weapons or gear, only consumables.

To place the chest in your house, simply head back home, open your inventory, and select the chest as if you were equipping it. This will allow you to choose where you’d like to place it in your home. After putting it down, interact with it to store items in your house. That’s everything you need to know about storing items in No Rest for the Wicked. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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