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Co-op Soapbox Racer, Zeepkist, Receives Huge Version 5 Update

Steelpan Interactive has released a huge update for their co-operative soapbox racer, Zeepkist, including new cosmetics, materials and gameplay elements.

Zeepkist Version 5 Update

Following last month’s Steam Workshop update that added workshop support and the sharing of levels between players, Steelpan Interactive has released the Version 5 update. Throughout Zeepkist’s time in Early Access, it has grown substantially, with significant updates being released frequently. Version 5 is no exception as it aims to add a slew of new content to the game in order to improve the player’s overall experience.

The new content being added includes new adventure levels, halfpipe and “sausage blocks”, neon and sand materials to build with, sticky cactuses and tumbleweeds to add additional distractions to racetracks, as well as a Synthwave skybox.

Image Credit – Steelpan Interactive

There is a whole lot more coming, and we’ll list everything that’s changing below. If you want to read the community post with all the changes present, then you can do so here. Now is the best time to pick up Zeepkist and play with your friends. We got a chance to review it a while back and immediately fell in love. Be sure to head on over to its Steam store page and pick it up.

Everything Coming To Zeepkist Version 5

New content

  • Cacti with spikes
  • Tumbleweeds that will stick to your zeepkist
  • Halfpipe blocks
  • More road-to-tube transition blocks
  • “Sausage” blocks
  • Inverse “Sausage” blocks
  • A bunch of statues
  • “Slowster” block, a booster but it slows you down
  • 8 new glowing “neon” materials
  • Sand material
  • White concrete material
  • Desert fog skybox
  • Synthwave skybox
  • 3 new hats
  • 3 new zeepkists
  • 6 new adventure levels
  • A secret new content

New features

  • Dynamic objects are now slippery on ice
  • Shift clicking/pressing grid size buttons/hotkeys now decreases the selected grid size
  • Animated blocks now have a cycle-offset option
  • Animated blocks will now start from the same position each run
  • 1 degree rotation grid option


  • Improved Suspension Physics
  • Split the baseplate into multiple objects
  • Baseplate is now 1.5x bigger
  • Changed grass friction physics


  • A bunch, probably