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Teacup: A Wholesome Cup Of Tea – Demo Preview

The moment I started playing Teacup, I fell in love. This demo, which I thankfully got the chance to play over LudoNarraCon 2021, is perhaps the most wholesome game I’ve ever played. It is absolutely gorgeous, beautifully quaint and exceptionally unique. I will happily admit that I loved each and every minute of my time with Teacup.

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“The most appealing thing about Teacup initially is its jaw-droppingly beautiful visuals.”

Teacup is a truly remarkable game. From its lavish fairy-tale visuals to its witty, but ultimately wholesome dialogue, Teacup never fails to impress. While its demo is criminally short, what is on offer is so unbelievably peaceful and joyous that even if I dedicated my life to finding a fault with it, I’d die having failed miserably.

Of course, the most appealing thing about Teacup initially is its jaw-droppingly beautiful visuals. The myriad of colours splash across the screen like a stimulatingly striking polychromatic watercolour painting. Wandering across the varied locations offers a real sense of exploration and wonder. From area to area, I couldn’t help but gawk at the undeniably phenomenal landscapes and painstakingly precise details perfecting each painting.

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But on a far deeper level, Teacup succeeds just as much as its visuals impress. While its narrative may be simple, the characters you meet along the way are anything but. Each anthropomorphic character that you meet is brimming with personality, quirks and witty humour. It is a pleasure to interact with each and every one of them. Strolling through the marketplace was an absolute joy as it allowed me to meet a slew of interesting characters.

“I can’t help but compliment Teacup.”

There are a few simple puzzles to solve and a few minigames to engage in throughout the demo. Each one offered up something different and was a fun distraction from the exploration. Their lack of complexity is what makes Teacup such an endearing experience. While it delights in the complexities of tea-making and fanciful backdrops, it allows the player to breathe, and take in their surroundings as they explore. I greatly appreciated Teacup’s sense of whimsy and thoughtfulness, as it allowed me to reflect on the wonderous beauty that resided throughout my brief experience with the game.

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I can’t help but compliment Teacup. It is a truly wonderful experience that’s further greatened by its gorgeous art style and relaxing soundtrack. I’ll be honest and admit that I am incredibly impatient for the full release. I would give anything to be immersed in Teacup’s world just a little longer, to salivate at its extraordinary art style and relax with some simple gameplay one last time. I’m extremely excited for the full release of Teacup and will be impatiently anticipating it with my steaming hot cup of mint tea.

Be sure to head on over to Teacup’s Steam store page to try the demo out for yourself. You can also wishlist it on Steam to be notified of any future updates.

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