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Another Crab’s Treasure: Should You Sell the Pristine Pearl?

Another Crab’s Treasure presents players with a Pristine Pearl, and it’s up to them to sell or keep it. Luckily, we’ve explained what the best option is.

The unique souls-like aquatic adventure, Another Crab’s Treasure, thrusts players into a harsh world. Stepping into the role of a hermit club hunting for treasure, the path will not be easy. As players progress through the game, they may face hard choices, such as whether or not they need to respec their stats. However, no option is as tricky in the game as whether to sell or keep the Pristine Pearl. Fortunately, we can help you decide with the details we provide below.

Should You Sell or Keep The Pristine Pearl in Another Crab’s Treasure?

Once players acquire the Pristine Pearl, they should sell it immediately at The Prawn Shop. The item is worth over 100 Microplastics, and there is no negative consequence to selling it. Despite seeming like a rare item, the Pristine Pearl’s only purpose is for players to make money from it.

If you wish to hold onto it as you continue to play the game, you are free to do so. However, the item will sit in your inventory as there is no current ulterior need for it. Furthermore, by selling it, you will get a good boost of Microplastics early on. The currency is what players need to purchase items from The Prawn Shop. You can buy two Barbed Hooks or start saving for a Stainless Relic by selling the Pristine Pearl.

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How Do You Get The Pristine Pearl in Another Crab’s Treasure?

The Pristine Pearl is acquired by defeating the Polluted Platoon Pathfinder boss for The Duchess. Once the boss is beaten, the Pristine Pearl will be dropped for players to take.

Players must return the item to The Duchess as she wants it. However, upon arriving back at the area where she is, it has been completely devastated. This revelation allows players to sell or keep the Pristine Pearl, as there is no one to deliver it to now. Players wanting to find The Duchess can do so in The Shallows area of the game.

That is everything to know about selling or keeping the Pristine Pearl in Another Crab’s Treasure. The quirky souls-like has a lot of depth to it and players wanting to learn more about the game can check out our Guide Hub.


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