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LGBTQ+ Game, A Long Journey To An Uncertain End, Lands On Kickstarter

Radically inclusive, LGBTQ+ space opera game A Long Journey To An Uncertain End, by developers Crispy Creative, seeks your support over on Kickstarter!

The folks over at Crispy Creative, a development team made up of brand-new game devs as well as some veterans from Obsidian and Telltale, are looking for your support to help fund their all-new inclusive, space opera narrative management, over on Kickstarter. So far they’ve raised £4,114 of their £29, 271 goal, but with 29 days still left to go, there’s plenty of time for you to hop on over and pledge your support. It has a planned release date of this year on PC and may be coming to consoles at some point.

But before you do that, you’re probably wondering what A Long Journey To An Uncertain End is! Well, taking inspiration from Sci-fi classics such as The Fifth Element and Firefly, it seeks to tell an engaging and relatable narrative about an outlawed sentient ship and its potentially-loyal rag-tag crew doing their best to outrun and evade the ship’s abusive ex. If that doesn’t sound like the most unique and intriguing set-up for a Sci-fi story, then I don’t know what does!

A Long Journey To An Uncertain End - Gameplay
Image Credit – Crispy Creative

You will fly around the universe, exploring weird and wonderful planets with your crew who come from all walks of life. Talk to the inhabitants of each planet, take on jobs to gather the necessary resources to keep on the run, and utilise your crew’s unique skills to successfully complete your jobs. Oh, and did I mention you also have an adorable looking holo-companion named C.O.R.G.I helping you out on your journey?

A Long Journey To An Uncertain End features stunning artwork that reminds me of The Banner Saga Trilogy, but if it were set in space! Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands stuck into this title and explore a galaxy teeming with interesting people and stories! A Long Journey To An Uncertain End is a celebration of inclusivity, of all the beautiful and amazing cultures and people we have on our planet, and transforms that love and passion into a heartfelt, intriguing, out-of-this-world, unique narrative for all! This is the very first game I’ve ever pledged to and I’m really excited for its full release!

If you’re intrigued then there’s a demo available over on their Kickstarter page, and if you want to donate and support this incredible looking title, then head on over and donate any amount! I’m sure that adorable Corgi in the Kickstarter video will very much appreciate it! Do it for the Corgi!

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