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Everything Announced At The 12th June 2021 Wholesome Direct

The wonderful and aptly named Wholesome Direct aired today and it showcased over 75 brand-new amazing indie games.

Wholesome Direct - Hot Pot For One
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What Was Announced?

Despite not having recovered from yesterday’s Summer Game Fest: Kickoff Live! event, where more than 35 games were announced, we here at the Game Crater excitedly sat through the one hour Wholesome Direct. It was jam-packed with trailers showcasing the cutest and most adorable wholesome indie games coming to various platforms across this year and next. We’re pretty sure not everyone has the time to watch events like these, no matter how adorable they are.

So, we’ve compiled a list of everything that was announced, with as many details we can cram in about each below. If you do feel so inclined to check out the full Wholesome Direct, you can do so here. But, without further ado, here is everything announced at 2021’s Wholesome Direct.

The Announcements

  • Bird Problems, a sitcom narrative game, was announced
  • Recolit, a “mysterious adventure game” lets players explore a strange town and help the residents by using the light. Release date to be decided
  • Snacko is a “farming cat-venture” releasing in 2022 for the Nintendo Switch and Steam
  • There was a trailer for Alekon which is available right now
  • The “tidy puzzle game”, A Little to the Left, was announced with a release date of the 21st of October 2021
  • Ooblets 0.8 update, Port Forward, is out right now
  • Wholesome Direct announced that they are collaborating with the International Rescue Committee. $5 from every merch sale goes to the committee
  • Spirit Swap is an action-puzzle game set in a lush narrative-driven world. Coming in 2021
  • Behind the Frame, the narrative-driven puzzle game received a new trailer
  • Skate Bird revealed some accessibility options which make doing tricks easier. Confirmed the release date was “soon”
  • Here Comes Niko!, a cosy 3D platformer for “tired people”, is coming to the Nintendo Switch and Steam
  • Kitten Cup Studio announced their teamaking simulator, Pekoe, in which players will run a teashop for cats. Coming in Q3 of 2021
  • Lake received a fun, 80s romcom style trailer and a release date of September 1st 2021. You can read our review here
  • The absolutely adorable and stunning Yokai Inn received a trailer
  • “Explore the ocean and meet the gods” in Mythic Ocean when it comes to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch
  • Explore the world with adorable characters Pollimero and Kokopa in Kokopa’s Atlas. This is a grand adventure on a “new world full of potential” with “unique characters” and “untold secrets” to discover
  • Button City received a trailer. It’s coming in Q3 2021 for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Steam and the Nintendo Switch. You can read our review here
  • Letters – a written adventure is a game about Sarah, a young girl from Switzerland who is writing letters to her penfriend. She must communicate her feelings to her friends, and, as she gets older, there will be different sides to her story depending on the words you choose. This nostalgic pen pal adventure is coming to Steam and the Nintendo Switch later this year
  • Hot Pot For One is a short narrative experience about a person alone on Christmas and in a foreign country. Cook up a delicious meal in this stunning title available today
  • Garden Story received an adorable trailer and will be releasing sometime this year
  • Tracks of Thought is an RPG shaped by your own personality. You’ll engage in card-based battles in this gorgeous game. A demo is available right now until June 18th
  • Beasts of Maravilla Island received a trailer. It is out right now for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam
  • Hoa received a deep dive and a release date of August 21st 2021 for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5
  • We Are OFK was announced. It is a visually stunning narrative-driven game with dialogue choices
  • Completely customise your house with extensive and detailed decorating tools in Paralives. It will be releasing on Steam
  • KeyWe got a new trailer and a release date of August 31st
  • Walk With Yiayia is a game about walking your grandma around the street after she suffers from a fall. It will be launching on Steam with a release date of TBD
  • The watercolour adventure Dordogne was announced. Players must help Mimi relive her childhood memories through puzzles and letters left by her grandma. This “nostalgic adventure” will launch later this year for PC and the Nintendo Switch
  • The mysterious The Gecko Gods got a stunning trailer
  • It was announced that Behind the Twilight: Tasomachi will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2021. You can read our review here
  • The visual novel, Please Be Happy, got announced. Players can explore the fantasy world of Wellington and interact with a colourful cast of characters. A demo is available now
  • Witchy Life Story by Sundew Studios was announced and will be releasing in 2022
  • Explore a magical kingdom in the “cosy turn-based rpg” BattleCakes. Players can create their own cupcake hero when it releases “soon(ish)” for Xbox and Steam
  • Restore the Pinefall hotel in Bear & Breakfast when it launches on the Nintendo Switch and Steam
  • Passpartout 2 received a trailer
  • There was a trailer for the upcoming and stunning game, Sally
  • Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan sets Players on an epic journey to bring colour back to the world. You must solve puzzles and show empathy to monsters to restore them back to their whimsical selves. It is coming to Xbox, PlayStation 4, the Nintendo Switch and Steam
  • The incredibly satisfying and soothing game, Unpacking, received a trailer. It will be releasing in Q4 2021. You can read our review here
  • Soup Pot is a “cooking game with a focus on creativity”. It is releasing in Q3 2021
  • Explore dazzling worlds in a floating boat in Cloud Jumper
  • Teacup the “wholesome narrative adventure” will be releasing in Q3 2021. You can read our review here
  • Moonglow Bay received a new gameplay trailer
  • Explore Muttropolis in the cute dog photo-taking game Pupperazzi
  • Luna’s Fishing Garden, the “cosy fishing and building game” will release on the 21st of October 2021
  • Witchery Academy received a trailer. It will be releasing for the Nintendo Switch and Steam
  • Amber Isle tasks players with “running your very own shop and befriending the local prehistoric animal villagers”
  • Woodo was announced with an incredibly calming trailer. It releases in 2022
  • Wytchwood received a trailer and will be releasing in Q4 2021
  • Moonshell Island by Cheekynauts entertainment was announced
  • Frogsong is “a heartfelt adventure where it is okay to be small”. Players must go on a journey to prove they can be a hero too. It is live on Kickstarter now
Image Credit – Team OFK

Rapid Fire Round

Wholesome Games showed off a whole slew of upcoming and released indie titles in a snappy four minutes. Here’s everything they showed:

  • Lego Builders Journey – available from June 22nd on PC and the Nintendo Switch
  • Clawfish – available right now on Steam and itch.io
  • PowerWash Simulator – out now in Early Access
  • Book of Travels
  • Toodee and Topdee
  • The Garden path
  • Venba
  • The Outbound Ghost – coming to Kickstarter
  • The Magnificent Trufflepigs – available now
  • Fossil Cover – available now on Steam
  • Dreamland Confectionery
  • Freshly Frosted
  • Cat Designer Mocha
  • Lonefarm
  • Shashingo
  • RoboCo
  • Kotodama Diary
  • co-open – available now on itch.io
  • Cat Cafe Manager
  • Game Director Story
  • Princess Farmer
  • KreatureKind
  • Seasonspree
  • Fire Tonight – Q3 2021
  • Floppy Knights
  • Loddlenaut – available now on Kickstarter
Image Credit – ShibaPixels

What Did You Think?

This was certainly a packed event with a ton of really interesting games being announced. We’ve had everything from repairing hotels as a bear to taking pictures of dogs on swings. If you’re a fan of indie darlings, and lets be honest, who isn’t, then there is bound to be something here for you. So, let us know in the comments below your thoughts on the Wholesome Direct.