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Everything Announced During The 18th March 2021 Square Enix Presents

Square Enix hosted the direct-styled Square Enix Presents event today and it featured a whole slew of information on their upcoming titles, including a brand-new game!

Square Enix Presents - Balan Wonderworld
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What Was Announced?

In case you weren’t already inundated with direct-style videos, Square Enix has you covered. Their event, which was teased a few weeks back, showcased all their upcoming projects, as well as information on current games. While it was no PlayStation Indies event, nor could it muster the same hype as the recent State of Play, Nintendo Direct and Pokémon Presents, it did put on a decent show. We got the reveal of an all-new Square Enix game, as well as information about a so-far mysterious project!

But of course, you’re likely still catching up on the many events that preceded this one! So, to keep things nice and simple for you, I’ve compiled a list of everything that was announced at the Square Enix Presents event. From trailers to teasers, this list will keep you up to date on everything Square Enix. So, as always, sit back and relax, and read on! Here’s everything that was announced at the Square Enix Presents event:

The Announcements

  • We got another Outriders deep dive which focused on narrative, gameplay, Expeditions and classes
  • They announced content for the Tomb Raider 25th anniversary which included a Tomb Raider Cookbook and the Tomb Raider: Definitive Survivor Trilogy
  • There was a CG Just Cause Mobile trailer
  • They teased Hitman Sniper Assassins which is set to release sometime this year
  • Of course, there’s a Space Invaders AR mobile game coming
  • We got a very confusing Touhou Spell Bubble trailer with some Japanese rap over the top. All I could glean was that the Side Story Pack Sanae Arc is releasing on March 25th
  • A trailer for Darius Cozmic Revelation was revealed and it is coming to PS4 & Switch
  • We got a hectic trailer for Bubble Bubble 4 Friends
  • They revealed a whole slew of information for Marvel’s Avengers including details on the next-gen ports; an extended Hawkeye gameplay trailer; information about their Content Roadmap; and a surprise reveal of the Black Panther War For Wakanda Expansion
  • We got a Balan Wonderworld Trailer
  • There was the reveal of the newest Life is Strange game, Life Is Strange: True Colors
  • On top of the latest Life is Strange reveal, they also announced that Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm are being bundled into a Remastered Collection
  • Finally, the mysterious Project Athia received a brief gameplay trailer and an official name reveal
Square Enix Presents - Marvel's Avengers
Image Credit –  Crystal Dynamics

What Did You Think?

There was a surprising amount of content revealed at this event, more so than I was expecting. Some of it was less impressive than others, but that Project Athia tease and the new Life is Strange game certainly seem to be shaping up nicely. But more importantly, what did you think? Were you impressed by anything they showcased? Or was this another let down in a string of poor presentations? Let us know what you thought down in the comments below!

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