Call of Duty Warzone Meta Tier List

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2: What Are The Best Weapons (Meta Tier List)

Call of Duty: Warzone has been updated to Season 2 following the merge with Call of Duty: MW3, and here are all the meta guns you should use for the new season.

Here is the latest weapon tier list for Warzone. This list will constantly be updated to reflect the latest buffs and nerfs within the game.

This was last updated on March 3, 2024.

Warzone Meta Tier List: Best Guns to Choose

Here are the best guns to use in Call of Duty Warzone. This will be regularly updated, and make sure you click on the name of the weapon to view the best loadout.

S-TierAMR9, BP50, HRM-9, KATT-AMR, MTZ-762, RAM-7, RAM-9, SVA 545, XRK Stalker, WSP-9
A-TierBAS-B, Bruen Mk9, COR-45, DG-58 LSW, DG-56, FJX Imperium, FR 5.56, Holger 26, ISO 45, ISO 9mm, Lockwood 680, M13B, M13C, M4, MCPR-300, MCW, MTZ-556, Pulemyot 762, Renetti, Rival-9, Riveter, Sidewinder, Striker, Striker 9, TAQ Eradicator, TAQ Evolvere, Tempus Razorback, TR-76 Geist, Victus XMR, WSP Swarm
B-Tier556 Icarus, 9mm Daemon, Holger 556, STB 556, KV Broadside, FTAC Siege, EBR-14, Raal MG, SP-X 80, Lachmann 556, ISO Hemlock, MX9, Crossbow, Signal 50, FSS Hurricane, Lachmann Shroud, Carrack .300, MX Guardian, KV Inhibitor, Kastov 762, TAQ-56, DM56, Haymaker, Lachmann Sub, Cronen Squall, RPK, Sakin MG38, BAS-P, WSP Stinger, MCW 6.8, KVD Enforcer, Longbow, PDSW 528, Rapp H, Lachmann-762, SO-14, Kastov-74U, FR Avancer, P890, HCR 56, Vaznev-9K, MTZ Interceptor, Chimera, Kastov 545, VEL 46, Fennec 45, TAQ-V,
C-TierTAQ-M, M16, FTAC Recon, Bryson 800, Expedite 12, Minibak, LA-B 330, JOKR, Tonfa, X13 Auto, RPG-7, Combat Knife, Pickaxe, Dual Kodachis, Basilisk Akimbo, Tempus Torrent, Riot Shield, TYR (Akimbo) Lockwood 300,
D-Tier.50 GS, Bryson 890, GS Magna, Lockwood MK2, SA-B 50, PILA, Strela-P, LM-S, SP-R 208, X12,
Call of Duty Urzikstan Warzone Battle Royale Map
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Warzone Tiers Explained

There are a lot of weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone that currently sit in the B-tier. This means that there are a lot of viable options for players to choose from. However, there are still many better choices to pick, and if you’re unsure about the descriptions of what each tier means, you can use our guide below.

Warzone S-Tier

Weapons in the S-Tier are considered the best of the best, offering exceptional performance in terms of damage, accuracy, and versatility. These are often the go-to choices and will provide a significant advantage in various situations.

These guns are an absolute must-pick if you are looking to pick up some wins in Call of Duty: Warzone.


Weapons in the A-Tier are highly effective and well-balanced, offering excellent performance in most scenarios. While they may not be as dominant as S-tier weapons, they are reliable choices that can compete with the top picks.

In the right hands, these weapons can still significantly influence the tide of a Warzone match.


Weapons in the B-Tier are solid choices that perform well but may have some limitations compared to higher-tier options. They are still viable in many situations and can be effective in the hands of skilled players.

These guns are a decent choice for those who prefer using a specific gun that they enjoy instead of following the Warzone meta.


Weapons in the C-Tier are considered average. While they may not excel in any particular aspect, they can be usable in some situations. These weapons definitely require a higher level of skill to compete against some of the more superior choices in higher tiers.


Weapons in the D-Tier may have significant drawbacks or weaknesses that make them less desirable compared to higher-tier options. They might lack the damage, range, or other essential features needed to compete effectively in Call of Duty: Warzone.

These weapons are best avoided, and you are disadvantaging yourself by using them.

This Warzone 2 weapon tier list will constantly be to stay up to date with the latest Call of Duty updates. If you disagree with anything on our list, let us know in the comment below!


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