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Best Builds in No Rest for the Wicked

Players looking to stand a chance in No Rest for the Wicked’s harsh world will need a good character build. Fortunately, we have curated the best ones.

No Rest for the Wicked is an action role-playing game. Like others before it, having specific builds can help to set you apart from the foes you strike down. Although Legendary Weapons are definitely the most effective way of killing enemies, focusing your stats and weapons around a specific build can help you triumph over any foe, regardless of strength. Fortunately, we have crafted some great builds below that you can look forward to using in No Rest for the Wicked.

Best Builds in No Rest for the Wicked

You can craft a build through plenty of means in No Rest for the Wicked. However, you can find more streamlined gameplay styles in combat by building specific stats and pairing them with the appropriate weapons. From focusing on healing to being more agile, these builds are as versatile as they are powerful. Below are the best builds to utilize in No Rest for the Wicked.

Dual Daggers Allowing for Mobility

  • Weapons: Dual Daggers or the “Bleeder’s Delight” Legendary Daggers
  • Stats Focus: Dexterity, Stamina, Health
  • Weight Encumbrance: Light

A Dual Daggers build is all about speed. Being able to attack quickly and dodge enemies while remaining unscathed is always good. Furthermore, if you acquire the Bleeder’s Delight Legendary Daggers, you increase your attack speed even further. Additionally, Stamina is not consumed while running with them equipped. Finally, focusing on the Health stat will ensure if you ever are hit, you can withstand it.

Characters fighting No Rest for the Wicked
In-game screenshot

Greatsword with Great Damage

  • Weapons: Two-Handed Greatswords or the Legendary Greatsword “Corpse Smeared Blade”
  • Stats Focus: Strength, Stamina, Health
  • Weight Encumbrance: Normal

Creating a build around Greatswords is another good choice. Players who use Greatswords in No Rest for the Wicked focus on slower swings but more significant damage. Blocking is unavailable while using a Greatsword build, so players must focus on getting well-versed with the Parry mechanic while in combat. Greatswords take plenty of Stamina to swing, so building up this stat will help you get more hits in before you run out. Players who get the Corpse Smeared Blade Legendary Greatsword will also get a slight boost to their Stamina with it equipped.

fighting in field No Rest for the Wicked
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Sword and Shield

  • Weapon: Any One-Handed Straight Sword or the Legendary “Falstead’s Fury” plus any Shield
  • Stats Focus: Health, Strength, Stamina
  • Weight Encumbrance: Normal

A Sword and Shield build is always good for players looking for an excellent all-rounder gameplay style. Players can utilize both as a means to deal damage while also protecting themselves. Any one-handed sword would work. Building up your Stamina is vital as blocking attacks with shields will consume it, so having a big Stamina capacity will allow you to both attack and defend. Adding points to the Health stat is also a must, as it will enable you to take more hits in combat. Finally, Strength is good to focus on as Swords, especially the Falstead’s Fury, improve the higher your Strength stat. So, adding to this will only boost its stats further.

Swinging axe character No Rest for the Wicked
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One-Handed Knife With Focus and Rune Use

  • Weapon: Legendary One-Handed Knife “Midnight Blade”
  • Stats Focus: Dexterity, Intelligence, Stamina, Focus
  • Weight Encumbrance: Light or Normal

Using a One-Handed Knife provides faster combat, similar to the Dual Daggers above. However, this build focuses on gaining Focus more precisely by using the Midnight Blade. The Legendary weapon bonuses allow players to utilize Backstab and Parry in combat. However, with each use of those mechanics, Focus is refilled in your Focus Bars, enabling you to use Runes more often. For example, if you have the Health Aura Rune on and continue to Backstab and Parry enemies with Midnight Blade, you will always have Focus to use the Rune. Therefore, players can heal themselves more often in a fight.

Jumping attack
In-game screenshot

Those are the best builds to use in No Rest for the Wicked. If you recommend any other builds, be sure to let us know in the comments. If you enjoyed the guide and wish to read more about the game, be sure to visit our Guide Hub.


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