Best Haymaker Loadout For Call of Duty Warzone Season 2

Best Haymaker Loadout For Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2

Behold the next overpowered semi-auto shotgun to enter the fray in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2, the Haymaker.

Our loadout optimizes the Haymaker for a hyper-aggressive playstyle to be used for hip-fire and TacStance, providing players with the ability to outmaneuver opponents while unleashing a seemingly endless torrent of shotgun pellets with the 60-round magazine.

Best Warzone Season 2 Haymaker Loadout

The best Haymaker loadout for Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2 is:

  • Muzzle: Crown Breaker Choke
  • Underbarrel: Bruen Bastion Angled Grip
  • Laser: Verdant Hook Box Laser
  • Barrel: Imperator Long Barrel
  • Aftermarket Parts: JAK Maglift Kit

What Does Each Attachment Do For The Haymaker in Warzone Season 2?

First up, we’ve combined the Crown Breaker Choke Muzzle with the Bruen Bastion Angled Grip Underbarrel. With these two attached, you’ll receive a staggeringly large buff to the hip-fire and TacStance pellet spread. You’ll also see improvements in the Haymaker’s aiming idle sway, firing aim stability, and aim walking steadiness. This does come with a decrease in aim-down sight (ADS) speed, but since we’ll be exclusively using TacStance or firing from the hip, it’s no loss.

Want some more accuracy? Well, you got it; the Verdant Hook Box Laser further buffs hip-fire and TacStance pellet spread, as well as increasing close-quarter combat (CQC) accuracy whilst sliding, which plays into our playstyle perfectly. Our laser will also increase our weapon handling, allowing us to be aggressive and ape enemies without worrying if the Haymaker can keep up. This comes in the form of a huge increase in sprint-to-fire speed. It’s worth noting that your laser will be visible to enemies on the hip, but you’ll be coming in so fast that it’ll be the last thing they see.

The Imperator Long Barrel is all about extending the effective one-shot kill range of the Haymaker, which is why the increased damage range and bullet velocity are so welcomed. Whilst you’ll very rarely secure a one-shot kill with it, having as much damage range as possible on shotguns is the key to success in Warzone. Another bonus to this attachment is an overall increase in pellet damage.

Aftermarket Parts

Easily, the most important attachment in this loadout is the JAK Maglift Kit Aftermarket Parts; without it, nothing else in this build makes sense. To start with, you’ll be blessed with a 60-round drum, allowing you to rain unceasing hell on your enemies. This magazine size would be pointless on any standard shotgun, but this attachment comes with a lightning-fast fire rate, making it feel full auto. That’s not all, though; you’ll also receive big buffs to recoil control and damage range, helping to lock down more kills in Warzone Season 2.

This Haymaker loadout is designed to maximize efficiency in close-quarters combat. With a focus on hip-fire and TacStance precision, increased handling, and an enhanced rate of fire. Our attachments synergize to ensure that players can maintain constant pressure on their opponents, making the Haymaker a must-have for my fellow apes out there in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2.

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