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Rise of the Ronin: Princess Atsuko Romance and Favor Guide

In Rise of the Ronin, Princess Atsuko is a courageous woman and the adopted daughter of the Satsuma clan. Famed for her love of cats, players will surely want to make her their Veiled Vow.

You can romance a number of different characters in Rise of the Ronin, including Princess Atsuko. If you’ve found yourself smitten with her or simply fancy a woman who loves cats, then you’ll want to make her your Veiled Vow. However, to do that, you’ll first need to build up your Bond level, and fortunately, there are a number of ways to do it.

How to Romance and Build Favor with Princess Atsuko

There are three ways to romance and build Favor with characters in Rise of the Ronin: Bond Missions, Gifts, and Positive Discussion. Princess Atsuko is no different and is present in several Main Missions and a few Bond Missions, which can all be used to increase your bond with her.

  • Ideals and Reality (Level 26) – Unlocks after completing Reinventing the Shogunate Main Mission
  • The Road to Resolution (Level 46) – Unlocks after completing Patriots’ Reward Main Mission
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Positive Discussion

There are two other ways that you can gain Favor and Bond with Princess Atsuko in Rise of the Ronin, and that is by having positive discussions and gifting her gifts.

After reaching an increased level of Favor and Bond with Princess Atsuko and completing her first Bond Mission, you meet her at the …. and start a conversation called …. Princess Atsuko starts with, “Well now, it seems we have like minds. I was just thinking of asking you the very same.” After you express that you would like to talk to her. She continues, “Since saying that I wanted to speak with you, we haven’t had the chance. You remember that time, I trust? It wasn’t my intention to pry into your past then… But at the very least, I thought I could get a name. You’re not given to conversation, it seems?

Your response options are:

  • My training didn’t leave me time to socialise.
  • I’ve never been good with words.
  • I was overwhelmed by your majestic presence.

As always, there is no wrong answer here, and all choices will increase Bond and Favor with Princess Atsuko. She then proceeds to ask you if you are a cat or dog person, a difficult question that still stumps people to this day. Your options include:

  • I’d like to have both.
  • Just looking at them is enough for me.
  • I’d like a cat.
  • I’d like a dog.

All answers increase Bond and Favor, which is why I recommend using the Testament of the Soul to return to the conversation and pick different options each time. This will allow you to earn more Favor and Bond by choosing the option you didn’t originally choose and earn more rewards.

Second Bond Discussion – Requires Completion of Kaishi Katsu Bond Mission

After stating that you’d like to talk, Princess Atsuko will begin by saying that it’s a fine idea and it might make her feel better. She then takes you for a little walk. Princess Atsuko proceeds to vent about the current political nature of Japan before changing the subject and asking if you like sweets. Your options include:

  • I love them. – Best answer
  • I don’t care for them.
  • I’ll eat them if they’re there.

Any choice will be positive, but choosing I love them will provide you with the biggest increase of Bond and Favor. If you aren’t choosing that option, why don’t you like sweets?

Favorite Gifts

Princess Atsuko loves Edo Cosmetics, so the Face Powder and Brush Consumables item is a great gift choice that you can give her. She will also react positively by receiving a Yew Koboku as she likes incense and plants.

It’s quite hard to come by, but if you don’t find one while playing the Main Missions, you can purchase the Face Powder and Brush at the Trader in Sakura Inn for 14 Silver Coins.

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Princess Atsuko Bond Rewards

There are four Bond levels for every character in Rise of the Ronin, and increasing favor will also increase your Bond with that character. Here are all the rewards you can earn for increasing your Bond with Princess Atsuko:

Bond LevelRewards
Acquainted(No Rewards)
FriendlyCharm Points +1
Formal Samurai Attire
InseparableGesture: Tea Time
FatedCharm Points +1

That’s everything you need to know about becoming a Veiled Vow and romancing Princess Atsuko in Rise of the Ronin. Make sure to check out our full romance guide for details on all of the potential Veiled Vows. Additionally, for more guides just like this one, check out our Guide Hub.


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