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Rise of the Ronin: Kogoro Katsura Romance and Favor Guide

Kogoro Katsura is a prominent figure in the Anti-Shogunate Choshu clan and a loyal companion that you can romance in Rise of the Ronin.

In Rise of the Ronin, you can choose to make a vast selection of characters your Veiled Vow, a commitment that’s the game’s equivalent of romance. However, to pull it off you’ll need to work hard at increasing your love interests Bond Level and Favor bar. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can do this, and if you were planning on romancing Kogoro Katsura, we’ve explained exactly how.

How to Romance and Build Favor with Kogoro Katsura

To romance and build Favor with Kogoro Katsura in Rise of the Ronin, you’ll need to complete his Bond Missions, give him Gifts, and succeed in his Positive Discussions. Kogoro Katsura has two different Bond Missions for you to complete. Doing both of them will raise his Bond level significantly, bringing you closer to making him your Veiled Vow.

  • The Seed of Doubt (Level 9) –  Unlocks after completing The Plot to Assassinate Harris Anti-Shogunate Main Mission
  • A Fragile Alliance (Level 36) – Unlocks after completing the Burgeoning Betrayal Main Mission
Kogoro Katsura confessing his feelings in Rise of the Ronin
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Positive Discussion & Favorite Gifts

In addition to completing his Bond Missions, you can increase your Favor bar and Bond level with Kogoro Katsura by giving him Gifts and completing his conversation scene. On their own, these won’t be enough to raise his Favor bar high enough. So, you’ll still need to do his Bond Missions. However, they’ll help you cross the threshold needed to make him your Veiled Vow.

After All Is Said and Done

Once you’ve completed his first Bond Mission, The Seed of Doubt, you’ll unlock a conversation with him called “After All is Said and Done.” This conversation begins with, “Good idea. I have a few more things I’d like to sound out too. Since the banquet, we’ve maintained good terms with the Satsuma. That display we put on for them at the end really seems to have done the trick.” You’ll then be presented with two options.

  • You’re giving me the credit then?
  • You must have convinced them of your grit.

To increase your Favor with Katsura, you must select “You must have convinced them of your grit.” Katsura will then tell you how he envies your ability to forge your own path before asking you if you’ll stay with him even after you’ve accomplished your goals. You’re then presented with the options:

  • I could never leave you.
  • I have more than one goal, and they include staying by your side.
  • Oh, there are far too many things I’ve yet to share with you.

The option “Oh, there are far too many things I’ve yet to share with you.” will net you with the most Favor, so make sure to select it. Kogoro will then tell you that he hopes he can be worthy of you staying by his side before the conversation ends. Make sure to use the Testament of Souls in the Longhouse to go back and choose the other options to increase your Favor even more.

Kogoro Katsura conversation in Rise of the Ronin
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The best gifts to give to Kogoro Katsura are Treasured Sake, Imported Beer, and Premium Whiskey. You’ll be able to find these around the open world and by completing Missions and other side activities. Below, you can find a table of some locations where you can find these gifts.

Treasured SakeBlack Marketeer vendor in Maita
Imported BeerGambling Den
Premium WhiskeyGambling Den

Kogoro Katsura Bond Rewards

Like all characters in Rise of the Ronin, Kogoro Katsura has four Bond levels. All four of these reward you with something once you’ve reached them. Here are all the rewards you can earn for increasing your Bond with Kogoro Katsura:

Bond LevelRewards
AcquaintedVow of Comradeship
Shinto Munen-ryu (Katana Novice Combat Style)
FriendlyCharm +1
Patriot’s Gauntlets
Samurai’s Gaiters
Shinto Munen-ryu (Katana Intermediate Combat Style)
InseparableChoshu Retainer’s Hairpin
Shinto Munen-ryu (Katana Advanced Combat Style)
FatedCharm +1
Shinto Munen-ryu (Katana Master Combat Style)

After increasing your Favor bar to the max, you’ll be able to ask Katsura, “Can we talk outside?” when speaking to him. This will trigger a cutscene, which gives you the option to select “I want to talk our relationship further.” Picking this will make him your Veiled Vow.

That’s everything you need to know about making Kogoro Katsura your Veiled Vow in Rise of the Ronin. Make sure to check out our full romance guide for details on all of the potential Veiled Vows. Additionally, for more guides just like this one, check out our Guide Hub.

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