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Rise of the Ronin: Full Romance Guide and Options

Players hoping for romance options for characters in Rise of the Ronin are in luck; however, you can only Bond with a select amount of people.

Romance is always a unique feature in games, and Rise of the Ronin joins a long list of titles to do so. Many games, like Baldur’s Gate 3, feature the opportunity to romance characters. In Rise of the Ronin, you may wonder if some can be romanced while traversing through the world and interacting with different characters. Fortunately, we have the answers on romance in Rise of the Ronin below.

Is There Romance in Rise of the Ronin?

Yes, you can romance different characters in Rise of the Ronin. Once you have gained enough Favor with a particular, you can begin a relationship called a Veiled Vow. The addition is a new feature to Team Ninja games, as both notable titles, Wo Long and Nioh, did not have the mechanic.

Rise of the Ronin allows players to romance specific characters no matter the gender of their protagonist. However, the characters must be wooed first to build a romantic bond. The process to do so is very simple.

How to Build Romance Favor in Rise of the Ronin

Players build a romantic bond with characters with Favor as a status to build. To see whom you have Favor with, go to the “Bond” tab in the options menu and click R2 to the “Personal Bonds” page. Once you have found a character you wish to romance, you must gain Favor with them. Below are some of the ways to build Favor:

  • Gifts: When conversing with your romantic interest, gifting them items they like will help boost Favor. On the gift-giving menu, items with a heart icon indicate that the character appreciates that gift more.
  • Bond Missions: Characters will ask you to complete different tasks for them that mean a lot to them. They are known as Bond Missions. Doing these will help increase Favor with the character of your choice.
  • Positive Discussion: When conversing with romantic characters at their home or your longhouse, by agreeing with them during your discussion, they will see this as a positive, and that will contribute to Favor.
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Who Can You Romance in Rise of the Ronin?

Characters that have the option of building Favor are those the player can romance in Rise of the Ronin. More specifically, there is only a finite amount of story characters this can be done with, below is the list of known characters so far:

Can You Be a Veiled Vow or In a Relationship With More Than One Character?

Yes, you can romance multiple characters at once in Rise of the Ronin. However, there are two characters that won’t let you romance multiple people: Sana Chiba and Ine Kusumoto. If you try and romance either of them alongside another character, they will give you an ultimatum. Either you break up with them or break up with your other romantic partner.

However, outside of that, you’re free to pursue multiple partners with no real consequences. You’ll get all of the benefits from building up your bonds with the rest of the romanceable characters with no one complaining. That is everything to know about romance options and how to do so in Rise of the Ronin. If you like this guide and wish to see more, be sure to check out our Guide Hub for the game here.


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