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Rise of the Ronin: How to Save Soji

If you’re hoping to save the wonderful swordsman Soji Okita in Rise of the Ronin, you’re in luck. However, it won’t come easy.

Rise of the Ronin features a number of characters, including Ryoma, who unfortunately get killed. However, there are ways of preventing this, largely thanks to the game’s pseudo-time-traveling mechanic, the Testament of the Soul. Fortunately, this also applies to Soji Okita, another character who is killed in the game. If you were hoping to save him simply to have him as an ally or to get the Farewell, Black Cat trophy, you’re in luck.

How to Save Soji in Rise of the Ronin

To save Soji Okita in Rise of the Ronin, you must max out his Bond level by completing his two Bond Missions, The Supreme Swordsman and A Moment of Brilliance. Then, you must use the Testament of the Soul to go back to the mission where he dies. Instead of dying, he will be saved, earning you the Farwell, Black Cat trophy.

To unlock Soji’s first Bond Mission, you must first complete the Main Mission, The Shogun’s Journey to Kyoto, and side with Kondo. This will let you join the Pro-Shogunate faction. You’ll need to do this in order to increase your Bond with Soji. Then, you’ll need to complete the Main Mission, Fate of the Vanquished, as well as the Pro-Shogunate mission, The Ikeda Inn Incident. We’ll break down how to unlock both Bond Missions below:

  • The Supreme Swordsman – Unlocked after you complete the Fate of the Vanquished Main Mission and the Ikeda Inn Incident Pro-Shogunate Mission.
  • A Moment of Brilliance – Unlocked after you complete The Supreme Swordsman Bond Mission and the Feud in Aburanokoji Main Mission.
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Once you’ve maxed out your Bond with Soji, use the Testament of the Soul to go back to the mission where he dies. Fortunately, this time, because you’ve maxed out your Bond, he won’t die, and you’ll unlock the trophy. You won’t be able to save Soji the first time he dies, as it is a scripted event. The only way to prevent it is to retroactively build your Bond and then go back to save him. That’s everything you need to know about saving Soji in Rise of the Ronin. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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