Eve holding the Drone in Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade: How to Upgrade the Drone

Players will want to upgrade their Drone in Stellar Blade as quickly as possible. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long before you can make it the ultimate killing machine.

EVE has a number of powerful abilities at her disposal in Stellar Blade. However, by far, one of the most useful is the Drone. This versatile piece of tech follows her around, guiding her through missions, and can be used to blast Naytibas to bits. Fortunately, those who want to make it as powerful as possible will get to upgrade it fairly soon into Stellar Blade’s runtime.

How to Upgrade Your Drone in Stellar Blade

To upgrade your Drone in Stellar Blade, you must first reach the game’s hub area, Xion. This happens straight after you defeat Gigas and leave Edios 7. Once you’re about to leave Xion for the Wasteland, Lily will tell you about Drone upgrades which unlocks the ability to upgrade it.

After you’ve unlocked Drone upgrades, you will need to go to a Repair Console at any of the larger Camps or at Lily’s workshop in Xion. Interact with it and go to the newly unlocked Drone tab. There, you’ll be able to purchase any of the upgrades with Drone Upgrade Modules, which you find in the open world.

The Drone Upgrade screen in Stellar Blade
The Drone Upgrade menu

How to Get Drone Upgrade Modules in Stellar Blade

You can find more Drone Upgrade Modules from killing the small exploding robots or in chests scattered across Stellar Blade’s various regions. You’ll typically find quite a few in the Altess Levoire and Abyss Levoire main missions, as these require you to exclusively use the Drone.

However, generally, they’re located off the beaten path. The small exploding robots will always drop one. So, it’s important to use your scanner to locate them. Additionally, you can purchase a limited amount of them from D1G-g2r in the Wasteland region. Here are all the ways to get Drone Upgrade Modules in Stellar Blade:

  • Kill the small robots
  • Find them in chests
  • Buy them from D1G-g2r in the Wasteland
EVE talking to D1G-g2r in Stellar Blade
D1G-g2r in the Wasteland

The Best Drone Upgrades in Stellar Blade

The best Drone Upgrades in Stellar Blade are the Scanner and Slug upgrades. Increasing the amount of Slugs you can bring with you is absolutely necessary for the late-game boss fights. There are a few of them that have unblockable insta-kill attacks that can only be stopped by shooting the targets around them. Having more Slugs will allow you to do this multiple times per fight.

Additionally, increasing your Scanner allows you to better see the hidden chests and bodies around you and for longer. The final Scanner upgrade will notify you of when you’re near Cans, which you’ll need to collect all of in order to unlock a secret outfit.

Of course, the various other upgrades, such as to your Stinger missiles are worthwhile too. The Explosive rounds upgrade is quite powerful, as it stuns the enemy temporarily, allowing you to unload all of your Explosive rounds into a boss and deal a lot of uninterrupted damage. However, if you want to focus on specific upgrades, we recommend the Slug and Scanner upgrades.

That’s everything you need to know about upgrading your Drone in Stellar Blade. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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