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Rise of the Ronin: Fumi Sugi Romance and Favor Guide

Fumi Sugi, the widow of Genzui Kusaka and sister of Shoin Yoshida, can be romanced in Rise of the Ronin. Here’s what you need to do.

In Rise of the Ronin, you can romance multiple characters, making them your Veiled Vow. To do this, you’ll need to increase both your Bond level and Favor bar with them. There are a number of ways you can do this, but it’s not exactly telegraphed to the player how to for each potential Veiled Vow. Fortunately, if you were thinking of romancing Fumi Sugi, then we’ve got you covered.

How to Romance and Build Favor with Fumi Sugi

You can romance and build Favor with Fumi Sugi in Rise of the Ronin by completing her Bond Mission, giving her Gifts, and succeeding in her Positive Discussion. Fumi Sugi only has the one Bond Mission for you to complete. However, it’s worth doing, as completing it will increase her Bond significantly.

  • Last Wishes (Level 35) –  Unlocks after completing the Fate of the Vanquished Main Mission and reaching Bond level 2 with Fumi
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Positive Discussion & Favorite Gifts

Outside of completing her Bond Mission, you can also increase your Favor and Bond with Fumi Sugi by giving her her favorite Gifts and completing her Positive Discussion. While these won’t increase her Bond as much as completing her Bond Mission, they’re still worth doing.

Gentle Souls

Once you’ve completed her Bond Mission, you’ll unlock a conversation with her called “Gentle Souls.” This conversation begins with, “Do you have a moment? There’s something I want to show you, and only you. There are too many eyes here. Would you please come with me?” You’ll then be presented with just one option.

  • Very well.

Select this to continue the scene. Fumi will then give you a bundle of letters between her late husband and brother while remarking on their dreams for the future of Japan. You’re then presented with the options:

  • I can’t help but remember them.
  • So they wrote to each other frequently.
  • So you held onto all of them.

The option “I can’t help but remember them” is the best one here, as it will result in Fumi telling you you’re a kind soul and that she wants to be of use to you. This then ends the conversation. Of course, you can use the Testament of Souls in the Longhouse to go back and choose the other options to increase your Favor even more.

Fumi Sugi conversation in Rise of the Ronin
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The best gifts to give to Fumi Sugi are Yew Kobuku and Milk Chocolate. These can be found throughout the game by completing Main Missions, Pilgrim Dog rewards, and Cat Concierge. Below, you can find a table of some locations where you can find these gifts.

Milk ChocolateKatsu Kaishu Estate (Edo)
Yew KobokuKoishikawa Botanical Garden (After Completing Robert Fortune Bond Mission) (Edo)
Trader in Gojo (Kyoto)

Fumi Sugi Bond Rewards

Fumi Sugi has four Bond levels, with the first three giving you a reward when you reach them. Here are all the rewards you can earn for increasing your Bond with Fumi Sugi:

Bond LevelRewards
FriendlyCharm +1
Crescent Kasa
Exquisite Kimono
InseparableGesture: Psyched
Limitless Longbow
FatedCharm +1

Once you’ve increased your Favor bar with Fumi to the max, you can ask her, “Can we talk outside?”. This will then trigger a cutscene in which you’re given the option to say, “I want us to be together.” Picking this will make her your Veiled Vow.

That’s everything you need to know about becoming a Veiled Vow and romancing Fumi Sugi in Rise of the Ronin. Make sure to check out our full romance guide for details on all of the potential Veiled Vows. Additionally, for more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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