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Lethal Company: What Is Zumbo?

Zumbo is haunting the Lethal Company community in many different ways, causing quite the stir. Fortunately, we’re here to explain exactly what the rumours are about.

Lethal Company has been terrorizing players since its launch, with its terrifying creatures being a particularly spooky aspect. As more explore the derelict buildings in hopes of making quota, a possible new threat has emerged in the form of Zumbo. However, few details have been given about this elusive monster, with many questioning if it even exists. If you’re curious as to what it is, don’t panic. You’re not alone. Below, we provide details on what Zumbo is and what it could mean for Lethal Company’s future.

What is Zumbo in Lethal Company?

Zumbo is not a real monster in Lethal Company. Unfortunately, it is just a joke that members of the Lethal Company community have made up. At this time, that means no creature is hunting players down that could be the long-lost cousin of Dumbo the Elephant.

Payers have been using the meme to joke with others while playing Lethal Company. Mainly, players have been using the Zumbo to mess with others when giving callouts of which monster is present. The meme is all in harmless fun and could be seen by members as a way to initiate newcomers to the game, as they could be uncertain of all of the creatures in the bestiary. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean Zumbo will always be absent from Lethal Company.

Lethal Company Toy
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What Zumbo Could Mean for Lethal Company in the Future

Although Zumbo has started as a joke, it could become a reality due to the community’s influence on the game. There are various ways that Zumbo could become something in the game, such as:

  • A Zumbo monster
    • Lethal Company developer Zeekerss could see the popularity of Zumbo and design a new monster to hunt players in the game. The result would cause hilarious chaos as crewmates wouldn’t know if players were joking or not about it, essentially creating a boy who cried wolf situation.
  • A Zumbo cosmetic
    • Secondly, Zumbo could become a cosmetic for players to purchase at the ship’s terminal computer. It could be a type of uniform or even a funky-looking hat. Players could wear something that commemorates the meme.
  • A Zumbo ship decoration
    • A ship decoration of a Zumbo monster could be made for players to design their ships with, adding their extra personal touch and showing off to others just who the MVP of the game is.
  • A Zumbo Event
    • As there was with both Halloween and Christmas, Lethal Company could have a limited-time event that reveals Zumbo in some way.

Zeekerss, seeing the discussion over Zumbo, could even decide to create all of the associated ideas, revealing that even jokes or memes from the community can become full-blown realities in Lethal Company.

Now that you know about Zumbo and its influence in Lethal Company, head over to our Game Hub for more guides and information including how to defeat the Coil-Head.

  1. The zumbo is real. I found this in the game files under the name “entity_zumbo_description”:

    “Zumbos, of the genus Engraulis are highly aggressive and lethal entities. Consisting of a sand coloured body atop several crab-like legs, the zumbo is said to be named after the medieval Greek word “gombo”, meaning a squat, stubborn individual. The solitary nature of this creature means they are extremely hostile to other entities, even those who do not pose a threat. The zumbo is rumoured to be the rarest in-game entity, appearing only to those who are good of heart, and have not yet killed any entities. The spawn rate of a zumbo is 0.1% on eclipsed moons, and only one can spawn at a time. Its movements are erratic, with motivations unknown, but seemingly only attacks those who are startled and appear threatening. This creature has no known weaknesses.”

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