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Where to Get & Use Spray Paint in Lethal Company?

Do you feel like leaving your mark with Spray Paint in Lethal Company? We have you covered on where to get it and how to use it.

Spray Paint in Lethal Company can help alleviate the horrifying tension and assist in different ways. In the game, situations can go from good to bad in a flash, and different items can help you hit your target quota and ensure the dreaded runs are worth it. Here is everything you need to know about Spray Paint in Lethal Company.

How to Use Spray Paint and What It Does in Lethal Company

Spray Paint has several uses in Lethal Company, such as coloring different parts of the environment when used. To use it, equip the item and press the attack button. Aside from trying to become the new big artist, Spray Paint can be used by players for the following reasons below:

  • Mark rooms that have enemies in them.
    • Players can use the paint to create a symbol to communicate with teammates, notifying them that there are hostile monsters in that room or section.
  • Designate paths to exits.
    • Have a teammate that’s prone to getting lost? The Spray Paint can help highlight the paths to exit the buildings.
  • Notify of looted areas.
    • If you and your crew are often separated and cannot communicate, the Spray Paint can help let others know if a place has been looted. Therefore saving them the risk of wasting time and possibly being killed for empty locations.

Players equipping the Spray Paint in Lethal Company must know that the can must be shaken to use it. By default, the button is ‘Q’, but the highlighted button will be visible on your HUD.

Spray Paint Lethal Company
Image Credit – MonkeyKingHero (Youtube)

Where to Get Spray Paint in Lethal Company

Spray Paint can be purchased from the store section of the ship’s Terminal computer for 50 credits. Players can get to that section by typing “store” into the Terminal, which will automatically bring up the catalog. Spray Paint is found in the tools section along with items like the Zap Gun, Jetpack, etc.

When the can is empty, Spray Paint must be repurchased. Therefore, players will have to repeat the process of returning to the terminal computer to buy more stock.

Spray Paint can be both fun and handy. Just make sure only to troll your crewmates lightly while using it, as filling the quota is always a top priority. Head to the Game Hub for more guides and details on Lethal Company.


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