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Lethal Company: Full List of All Monsters

As players continue to endure in the indie horror survival, Lethal Company, there are many monsters they will face. Here’s every monster currently in the game.

Lethal Company tasks players with scavenging for scrap to sell while being hunted by various horrific monsters. These monsters range from giant spiders to nightmare fuel creatures with springs for heads. As there are many creatures in the game, we have curated this list and ranked them all by difficulty. Here is every monster in Lethal Company and how to defeat it.

Harmless Monsters


The Manticoil presents no threat to players, as they have a danger level of 0%.

Lethal Company Manticoil
Manticoil – In-game Screenshot

Roaming Locust

The Roaming Locust are the other species in Lethal Company that pose no threat to the player, with a 0% threat level. When players venture near them, the Roaming Locust will flee as they see the player as a threat.

Lethal Company Roaming Locust
Roaming Locust, Image Credit – IGN

Low Threat Level Monsters

Spore Lizard

The Spore Lizards pose almost no danger to players. However, they do have a 5% threat reading, meaning they will attack the player if they do get close enough. Staying out of their way and keeping a weapon handy to defend yourself if they push up on you is recommended.

Lethal Company Spore Lizard
Spore Lizard, Image Credit – Lethal Company Wiki

Hoarding Bug

The Hoarding Bug is a 0% danger to players, but if they are not with their hive, they are likely to chase after the player to attack. Tools or weapons are best if you want to take a Hoarding Bug down.

Lethal Company Hoarding Bug
Hoarding Bug, Image Credit – Dot Esports

Medium Threat Level Monsters


The Hygrodere are transparent-looking slime blobs with a threat level of 0% to the player. However, they are more of a nuisance as damaging them causes them to split into more Hygroderes. As a result, the best course of action is to avoid them when possible.

Lethal Company Hygrodere
Hygrodere, Image Credit – Lethal Company Wiki

Earth Leviathan

The Earth Leviathan is a massive worm that players must avoid at all costs. The creature has a 2% danger level but will consume anything it can. Your best chance of surviving against it is to run as far away as you can.

Lethal Company Earth Leviathan
Earth Leviathan, Image Credit – Twinfinite

Bunker Spider

The Bunker Spider looks like a spider more or less, however, much bigger. They have a threat level of 20%, and if players get into their territory, they will turn aggressive. Using a shovel is the best course of action if players choose to fight it rather than run away or hide from it.

Lethal Company Bunker Spider
Bunker Spider, Image Credit – Prima Games

Snare Flea

The Snare Flea presents a 30% danger level to players. It looks like a giant bug and will jump at the player when it attacks. If it succeeds in doing so, a melee weapon can be used by the player to swat it off. Alternatively, the Snare Flea dies due to instant contact with the outside air.

Lethal Company Snare Flea
Snare Flea, Image Credit – Lethal Company Wiki

Forest Keeper

The Forest Keeper is a giant monster with big shoulders and a U-shaped head. It registers a huge 50% danger level to anyone encountering it. The Forest Keeper can be countered by hiding from it; if the creature attacks a player, it will instantly kill the player by consuming them.

Lethal Company Forest Keeper
Forest Keeper, Image Credit – kamonedo

Baboon Hawk

The Baboon Hawk is a hawk-like creature that is very territorial and only becomes aggressive to players when they believe they are in danger (usually if the players gets too close to them). The best way to counter Baboon Hawks is to avoid them or be in a group with other players.

Lethal Company Baboon Hawk
Baboon Hawk, Image Credit – ESTNN

Circuit Bee

The Circuit Bees are bee-looking bugs that are concerned with protecting their hive. They have a threat level of 90% and will swarm players if they infringe on their hive area, which they take as a threatening action. The best course of action concerning the Circuit Bee is to avoid going near their hive at any cost unless necessary.

Lethal Company Circuit Bees
Circuit Bees, Image Credit – Game Rant


The Masked are creatures that look like masks from different theatrical themes and become fully aware when players keep the mask on their faces for long enough. Once affected, a player dies, and the Masked takes over, hunting fellow crewmates and turning them into creatures. The enemies do not have a specific Danger Level; however, they will be okay if players do not equip the mask.

Masked Lethal Company
Image Credit – Dot Esports

High Threat Level Monsters

Ghost Girl

The Ghost Girl is like she sounds: a ghostly girl in a red dress. She can take no damage and begins to follow players once they are haunted. Adding to the problem, she cannot be blocked off anywhere on the map or shaken off. The best way to avoid becoming haunted is to not stick to a solo playstyle and ensure someone is always with you.

Lethal Company Ghost Girl
Ghost Girl, Image Credit – The Nerd Stash

Eyeless Dog

The Eyeless Dog has massive teeth, a four-legged body like a dog, and a threat level of 70% to players. However, they rely on sounds to attack because they have no eyes. Check out our guide on defeating the Eyeless Dog here.

The Eyeless Dog chasing the player in Lethal Company
Eyeless Dog, In-game Screenshot


The Coil-Head monster is presented as a dummy-like creature with a springy neck and head. It has a danger level of 80% and attacks anyone it sees, no matter what. Refer to our guide on how to fight back against the Coil-Head monster.

The player using a flash light on the Spring Head in Lethal Company
Coil-Head, In-game Screenshot


The Bracken is a spiky, two-legged creature with a hostility rating of 80%. If players continue to look at the Bracken, they will become aggressive and go after that person. Players can fight back with a melee weapon. However, since it is a building monster, players can leave the structure and lose the Bracken. You can read more about defeating the Bracken here.

Lethal Company Bracken
Bracken, Image Credit – PC Invasion


The Thumper is a legless creature with a shark face and long arms that it uses to crawl around after players. They are extremely dangerous, with a danger level of 90%, and will attack whoever they want. The player’s only chance at beating it is to flee and avoid long, straight paths as it picks up speed through them.

Lethal Company Thumper
Thumper, Image Credit – Lethal Company Wiki


The Jester first presents as a Jester’s box with legs. However, when it enters its aggression mode, a massive skull pops out, and the creature begins to chase the player. It has a threat level of 90% and can not be defeated; the only option for players is to drop everything and run from it until they are safe.

Lethal Company Jester
Jester, Image Credit – PC Invasion


A Christmas-themed enemy that resembles the wooden soldier doll. The Nutcracker has a danger level of 90% and wields a shotgun that deals massive damage when its range. Players can defeat the monster by damaging it with a melee weapon when it exposes the eye in the doll’s mouthpiece.

Nutcracker Lethal Company
Image Credit – The Nerd Stash

That is every monster in Lethal Company; players wanting to learn more about the game can refer to our Game Guide Hub for extra information.


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