The Lasso Man from Lethal Company

Lethal Company: What Is the Lasso Man?

Players have unearthed a new enemy type in Lethal Company called the Lasso Man. But what exactly is this terrifying rope-based monster?

Lethal Company has no shortage of genuinely nightmare-fuel monsters to terrify players with. Of course, it is one of its greatest selling points, as fans obsess over their designs and lore. Well, for those who had perhaps thought it couldn’t get any worse, fans have uncovered a new monster made entirely of rope that makes you see blood. The Lasso Man, however, is perhaps a little more mysterious than your average coil-head. Below, we explain exactly what the Lasso Man is in Lethal Company.

What Is the Lasso Man in Lethal Company?

Lasso Man is an unreleased monster in Lethal Company that players found reference to in the game’s files. It is a creature made entirely out of rope that forms the shape of a human, hence the name “Lasso Man.” The Lasso Man hunts down the player, distorting their vision when it gets close, causing blood to obscure their visor. It cannot kill the player; instead, it acts more as a nuisance. The AI for the Lasso Man is reportedly the same as that of the Thumper enemy, making it function largely in the same way.

It is currently unavailable in the base game. However, players can experience its haunting presence by downloading the Brutal Company mod. This adds in a ton of features intended to make the game harder, including random events such as Lasso Man is Real. This event spawns in the Lasso Man, which hunts down the player, although it cannot kill them. The in-game model for the Lasso Man is currently unfinished, lacking any textures or animations.

The Lasso Man chasing the player in Lethal Company
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It remains to be seen whether the Lasso Man will make its way over to the base game. Considering the once-potential creature design has garnered such positive fan reception, it’s likely it will be added in eventually. Until then, there are plenty of other horrifying creatures to flee from. For more guides just like this one, make sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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