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Another Crab’s Treasure: All Stowaways

Stowaways in Another Crab’s Treasure give you a bonus to help in your adventure, and we have compiled all of them for you to see.

Another Crab’s Treasure is a Soulslike in many ways. It features challenging bosses to conquer and stats to level up to create builds. It also features Stowaways, which are items you can equip to provide a bonus to Kril, the protagonist. Each one offers something different, and some even give both a positive and negative effect. Although you may have come across some while playing, we have compiled a list of all of the Stowaways in Another Crab’s Treasure.

How Many Stowaways Are in Another Crab’s Treasure?

Players can collect 67 Stowaways in Another Crab’s Treasure. This includes 41 unique Stowaways and 26 upgraded variants. Some can be bought in New Carcinia, while others are found in the game’s world. Each one can drastically buff a particular playstyle, encouraging you to experiment with different ones. We’ve curated a list of the best Stowaways in the game, but below, you’ll find every single one and what they do in Another Crab’s Treasure.

All Stowaways in Another Crab’s Treasure

NameEffectStat RequirementStowaway Capacity Usage
Anemone+3 MSGNo Stats Required.1
Anemone++4 MSGNo Stats Required.2
Anemone+++6 MSG
+2 RES
No Stats Required.3
Another CrabRevives you once upon death, at the cost of this Stowaway.No Stats Required.1
Barnacle+10 DEFNo Stats Required.2
Barnacle++15 DEF
-5 RES
No Stats Required.4
Barnacle+++20 DEF
-10 RES
No Stats Required.5
Bobber– Decreases Shell Weight.
-10 DEF
No Stats Required.2
ChumVanishes on death but prevents you from losing Microplastics.20 VIT3
Cockle+20 Hammer Damage6 RES3
Cockle++30 Hammer Damage12 RES4
Contact LensReveals enemy health bars.No Stats Required.1
Cotton BallDecreases footstep sounds.No Stats Required.No Capacity Used.
EarthwormSpearfishing enemies can be done more easily.31 ATK3
FredrickThe soul of a financially savory fish.25 VIT3
Fruit StickerIncreases Microplastic rewards.No Stats Required.3
Fruit Sticker+Greatly increases Microplastic rewards.No Stats Required.4
Googly Eye-50% Affliction buildup from mental attacks. 20 VIT2
Lil’ IsopodIncreases move speed while blockingNo Stats Required.2
Lamprey+3 Health Drain28 ATK2
Lamprey++7 Health Drain46 ATK2
LanternfishA bioluminescent friend to light your way.30 VIT3
Limpet+2 RESNo Stats Required.1
Limpet++4 RESNo Stats Required.2
Limpet+++6 RES
+1 DEF
No Stats Required.3
Lug Nut+33% ATK, but reduced attack speed.No Stats Required.2
Lumpsucker-30% Affliction buildup from pollutants.20 VIT3
Lumpsucker+-70% Affliction buildup from pollutants.40 VIT3
Mussel+2 ATKNo Stats Required.1
Mussel++4 ATKNo Stats Required.2
Mussel+++6 ATK
+2 VIT
No Stats Required.3
Oyster+20% Item DiscoveryNo Stats Required.2
Packing PeanutTake no damage from falling into the abyss.No Stats Required.2
PhytoplanktonConsuming a Heartkelp Pod regenerates a small amount of Umami.19 MSG3
Phytoplankton+Consuming a Heartkelp Pod regenerates a moderate amount of Umami.43 MSG5
Puffer Quill+10 ATK
– 20 DEF
No Stats Required.3
Razor Blade-33% ATK, but increased attack speed.No Stats Required.2
Rubber BandBecome immune to electric attacks.No Stats Required.2
Rusty Nail+ 4 ATK
– 3 MSG
3 RES1
Rusty Nail++10 ATK
– 8 MSG
10 RES2
Salp– 30% Umami Regeneration
+6 MSG
20 MSG2
Salp+– 50% Umami Regeneration
+12 MSG
38 MSG4
Sand DollarVanishes on death, but prevents you from losing Microplastics.No Stats Required.1
Sea Cucumber+3 VIT
+3 RES
+3 ATK
+3 MSG
No Stats Required.6
Sea SlugIncreases effectiveness of dodge rolls.35 ATK3
Sea Star+3 VITNo Stats Required.2
Sea Star++6 VITNo Stats Required.3
Sea Star+++9 VITNo Stats Required.4
Shark Tooth+30% Charged Attack damage22 ATK2
Shark Tooth++60% Charged Attack damage45 ATK4
SinkerAttacks deal +20% Balance damage21 ATK2
Sinker+Attacks deal +35% Balance damage35 ATK3
Sinker++Attacks deal +50% Balance damage50 ATK4
Siphonphore+4 MSG
– 3 ATK
3 RES1
Siphonphore++10 MSG
– 8 ATK
10 RES2
Small BatterySmall chance to electrocute enemies on hit.25 MSG3
Small Battery+Moderate chance to electrocute enemies on hit.40 MSG4
Sponge+33% Umami Regeneration from attacking.18 MSG2
Sponge++67% Umami Regeneration from attacking.35 MSG3
Turtle Shell Shard– Increases Shell Weight
+10 RES
No Stats Required.3
Used Bandage+15% Healing Effectiveness4 RES2
Used Bandage++25% Healing Effectiveness10 RES2
Wad of GumSlows enemies that hit you.7 RES3
Whelk+15% Shell Spell Damage2 RES2
Whelk++30% Shell Spell Damage7 RES3
Whelk+++45% Shell Spell Damage13 RES4
ZooplanktonTaking damage regenerates a little Umami.26 MSG2
Zooplankton+Taking damage regenerates a moderate amount of Umami.38 MSG2
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That is all of the Stowaways players can get in Another Crab’s Treasure. How many do you have so far? Let us know in the comments below. Before you continue Kril’s adventure, be sure to visit our Guide Hub for more articles like this one.


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