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What is the Laser Pointer Used for in Lethal Company?

A Laser Pointer may seem like a useless item that can be scrapped in Lethal Company, but it has some excellent uses.

Although Laser Pointers may seem tempting to shine in your crewmate’s view or pretend you’re sniping the vicious monsters, the item has use. Many items in Lethal Company are vital to the team, including Spray Paint or the Signal Translator. Players can use many things to their advantage, and the Laser Pointer is no different. We provide the details below on what Laser Pointer is useful for and how to locate it in the game.

What Is the Laser Pointer Used for in Lethal Company?

The Laser Pointer in Lethal Company is beneficial for many reasons, including indicating something to teammates. Rather than just having a slim, specific use, there are several things the Laser Pointer can be used in the game, such as:

  • Hallway Length Gauging
    • Much of the abandoned buildings in the game have dark hallways with dangerous foes lurking. Having the Laser Pointer can help players determine their length and if a wall is coming up or a turn is inbound.
  • Enemy Indication
    • Several enemies can detect players in Lethal Company through sound. Therefore, the Laser Pointer works best for pointing out where they could be without making noise.
  • Pit Depths
    • The derelict buildings in Lethal Company house dangerous pits and drops. The Laser Pointer works well with measuring how deep these pits are, especially if they are endless and can potentially kill crewmates.
  • Sell for Profit
    • The Laser Pointer is valuable to sell if you are low on money and need quick funds. Players can expect to receive between 32 to 100 credits when selling.

Players must caution themselves when using the Laser Pointer as it looks similar to a turret laser. Therefore, it is best to discuss with your crewmates if you plan to use one.

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How to Find the Laser Pointer in Lethal Company

Laser Pointers are usable scrap items and, therefore, can only be found in the derelict buildings in Lethal Company. Unfortunately, the item spawns randomly, and players must search all over the area to find one. They can be seen as small silver and black tubes emitting a slight orange light. Once players locate this, they will acquire a Laser Pointer.

Laser Pointers may have you wishing you had a sniper rifle to defeat the monsters in Lethal Company; fingers crossed. You can head to our Game Hub for more articles and guides on the game.


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