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Rise of the Ronin: Can You Save Taka Murayama?

Taka Murayama is a romanceable companion in Rise of the Ronin, but she disappears from the game too early for you to truly reach the pinnacle of the romance. Therefore, you might be wondering if there is an option to save her.

Taka Murayama is one of the first people you meet when you reach Yokohama in Rise of the Ronin. She is a famed geisha of the Miyoxaki pleasure district, and she is one of the first key members you meet in the Pro-Shogunate faction. Unfortunately, she meets her demise quite prematurely, and we have bad news.

Can You Save Taka Murayama?

No, you can’t save Taka Murayama. Even if your Bond and Favor are maxed out, there is no decision that can prevent her from dying. Unfortunately, it seems as if this is part of the story, and while there are opportunities to save other characters, Taka’s death can’t be prevented.

This means that if you want to advance your Bond and Favor with Taka, then you’ll have to do it all before you progress past Yokohama. However, you can use the Testament of the Soul in your Longhouse to return to Yokohama if you leave before you have increased the Favor bar to full and her Bond to Level 4.

It seems unlikely that Team Ninja will ever update the game and provide an opportunity to save Taka, as she plays a pivotal role in the progression of the story and the timely fate of Naosuke Ii. As unfortunate as it might seem, venturing back to a time when she is alive is your only hope.

That’s everything you need to know about the unfortunate news of saving Taka Murayama. Make sure you check out our Guide Hub for more articles on Rise of the Ronin.

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