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Lethal Company: Is it Coming to Mobile?

Wishing you could be terrified by the monsters in Lethal Company on mobile? Well, we have all the details on if it’s coming to an app store near you.

As Lethal Company continues to increase in popularity, it’s no surprise that mobile gamers wish to experience the thrills of being hunted by bloodthirsty creatures on their devices. Of course, with demands that the game comes to consoles as well, it remains to be seen if it will ever grace our mobile devices. Below, we detail if the Lethal Company is coming to non-console devices or not.

Is Lethal Company Coming To Mobile?

No, Lethal Company is not coming to mobile devices any time soon. The developer currently has no plans to port the game. Lethal Company looks set to remain as a PC exclusive. It’s likely that the job of porting it to other platforms is too big a task for solo developer, Zeekerss. However, once it leaves Early Access, this may change. Indie games such as Choo-Choo Charles were once PC exclusives that have since launched on PS5 and Xbox consoles.

Indie titles are only continuing to grow in popularity. Seeing Lethal Company come to other platforms like mobile would bring more players to the community and expand its lifespan. However, the process is not that simple. Porting the game over to other platforms requires a lot of time and effort, especially if they have multiplayer capabilities like Lethal Company does.

Lethal Company Steam Screen
Image Credit – Steam

As of now, the best solution is to follow Zeekerss through X (Formerly known as Twitter) in order to receive updates on future plans for Lethal Company, including if the game will be ported to consoles and mobile. Additionally, Zeekerss posts updates coming to the game on there, which are incredibly helpful if you already own the PC version of the title.

That’s everything we know about Lethal Company coming to mobile. For more guides just like this one, make sure to head to our Games Hub.

  1. The mobile version Is already on PlayStore man, Just search on Google “lethal Company mobile” you can play It, but its Just a test version without Monster, there Is only the quota and a bit of map

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