The Spring Head in Lethal Company

Lethal Company Spring Head Guide: How to Beat it & Can You Kill it?

The hauntingly terrifying Spring Head is a deadly monster in Lethal Company. Fortunately, it’s not unstoppable, and there is a way to beat it.

Lethal Company is host to a wide variety of horrifying monsters. While there are some traditionally spooky creatures like the Bunker Spiders, there are some truly nightmare fuel beings wandering around the darkly lit facilities you need to explore. Just your luck! One of the worst is the Spring Head, also known as Coil Head. In fact, it is the third worst enemy after the Ghost Girl and Jester. However, there is a way to stop it, and below, we explain exactly how.

How to Beat the Spring Head in Lethal Company

You can beat the Spring Head in Lethal Company by looking at it at all times and slowly backing towards an exit. If you keep it in your line of vision, it will not move or attack you, essentially rendering it useless. While you keep it in your eyesight, your other team members can escape it and search the area for scrap. You should also make sure to take turns looking at it, that way, you can ensure that no one gets left behind.

It’s also worth stunning it with your Zap Gun or Stun Grenade, as that will give you enough time to escape. However, as soon as you no longer have eyes on it, it’ll start moving very quickly. It’s almost impossible to stop it once it gets you, so it’s very important that you constantly look at it.

The player using a flash light on the Spring Head in Lethal Company
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Can You Kill the Spring Head in Lethal Company?

No, you cannot kill the Spring Head in Lethal Company. It will not die no matter how many times you hit it with any of the weapons in the game. The Spring Head is one of the few invulnerable enemies in the game, so it is pointless trying to attack it. Instead, your best bet is to escape it the second you see it.

Of course, as aforementioned, you can stun it. Using the Zap Gun or Stun Grenade will temporarily render it immobile. This is certainly risky but still a viable way to escape. That’s everything you need to know about the Spring Head, or Coil Head, in Lethal Company. For more guides like this one, be sure to check out our Games Hub.

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