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Helldivers 2 Update Adds New Threats, Balancing & Level Cap Raising

The newest Helldivers 2 update brings new, lethal Automaton units, planet hazards, and balancing to the Galactic War.

Helldivers 2 continues to thrive as players help to spread democracy and freedom for Super Earth. The Galactic War is in its ninth week, and the conflict is only escalating. Players recently spotted the Terminids looking to bring the Hive Lord into the mix. However, with the April 2, 2024 update, The Automaton menace has brought new units to make things harder for players. In addition to the latest threats, Arrowhead Studios has also brought balancing to various mechanics of the game.

Helldivers 2 Update Brings New Threats To Players

The newest Helldivers 2 update on April 2, 2024, brought new Automaton units for players to contend with. Players have encountered the Factory Strider, a massive walker that spawns Devastator bots. The walker doesn’t seem to have weaknesses and takes plenty of firepower to bring down. When you encounter it, utilizing Quasar Cannons, Spears, or the Recoilless Rifle is recommended. Regarding other Stratagems, Orbital Lasers are likely your best bet as they will track the mechanization.

Furthermore, many have fought a flying bot ship with armaments like missiles and lasers. The pesky airship can rain down on players, especially those unsuspecting. Therefore, it is best to bring a Spear to lock onto the ship or an Expendable Anti-Tank, as well as keep your eye on the sky occasionally in case they strike. These new units show that the fight against the Automatons is only getting more serious. Players also have new Planetary Hazards in the form of blizzards and sandstorms. These conditions mess with the field of view and add to the growing dangers, so be on the lookout when traversing planets.

Additionally, the Automaton upgrades come in light of the last few Major Orders where Helldivers have been pushing to wipe the bots off the Galactic Map completely. As of writing, only three Automaton planets remain on the map, and it is unknown what will happen if players succeed in capturing the rest. The latest Helldivers 2 update is part of the ever-escalating conflict in the game.

Plenty of Balancing Comes With The Newest Helldivers 2 Update

Along with the new threats to players, the Helldivers 2 update brought balancing in armor, weapons, enemies, and much more. The update is big, and many of the balancing changes were positive. Although the Arc Thrower received a nerf in distance, the Liberator Penetrator now fires in full-auto. The Spear and Recoiless Rifle receive more missiles from supplies now as well.

Regarding characters, the notorious Spewers do less damage while puking, and the Shriekers do significantly less damage when dead and crashing into players. Moreover, Helldivers wearing heavy armor can suffer more damage, while medium armor takes a lesser, more appropriate amount of damage.

Many of the bugs that players faced in Helldivers 2 were patched out with the latest update. One of the most notable fixes comes with player’s loadouts being reset every time the game was closed. This no longer happens, which is a relief. Additionally, the issue of Hellpod steering has been patched, so fewer object collisions will occur, and players can control their pods more easily with this fix. The entirety of the patch notes for the most recent Helldivers 2 update can be found here.

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Helldivers 2 Update Raises Player Level Cap

Lastly, the newest Helldivers 2 update raised the Player Level Cap from 50 to 150, tripling the original cap. Players can earn titles such as Fleet Commander or Super Private titles to show off their rank. The raising of the level cap may possibly hint at higher-level Stratagems. Right now, the highest level to earn one is Level 25 for the Patriot Mech. So, it seems likely that we can expect additional content at later levels in the future.

The latest Helldivers 2 update brings plenty of changes and dangers to the game, and as the Galactic War continues to unfold, the future of the Automatons is uncertain. The taking of Malevelon Creek was a big paradigm shift, and we can only wait and see what happens next in the game. Be sure to check out our Guide Hub for more articles like this one.


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