Helldivers 2 Steeled Veterans or Cutting Edge Which Warbond Should You Get?

Helldivers 2 Steeled Veterans or Cutting Edge: Which Warbond Should You Get?

Helldivers 2 has two Premium Warbond options, but many are unsure whether to spend their Super Credits on Steeled Veterans or Cutting Edge. Here’s what you need to know.

Now that there are multiple Premium Warbonds to spend your hard-earned Super Credits on, knowing which is the best place to spend this elusive Premium currency can be a bit daunting. Most players won’t opt to spend their money on Super Credits to purchase Warbonds. Instead, they will rely on earning it by progressing along the free Helldivers Mobilize Warbond path and finding Super credits while exploring Helldiver 2’s large open maps in-game. After finally reaching the 1,000 Super Credits needed to buy a Premium Warbond, players will want to know which one they should get. We aim to answer that question below.

Helldivers 2: Steeled Veterans or Cutting Edge?

Those looking for the best weapons and offensive options should purchase the Cutting Edge Warbond first. This is mainly because you will quickly be able to access the Las-16 Sickle Assault Rifle, one of the best primary weapons currently available in the game. Additionally, the G-23 Stun Grenade is great for slowing targets, and the Localisation Confusion Booster is brilliant for reducing enemy engagements.

Many agree that the Cutting Edge Warbond is worth it for the Las-16 Sickle alone, as it practically has unlimited ammunition (it’s an energy weapon) and is effective in mid-to-long-range engagements. The Warbond includes great utility items such as the G-23 Stun Grenade and Localisation Confusion Booster. Used under the right circumstances, the Stun Grenade is very effective at crowd control and holding back larger targets. Similarly, the Localisation Confusion Booster is a powerful get, increasing the time between enemy engagements. It allows you to roam the map and collect Samples much more easily.

Player holding the Las-16 Sickle from the Cutting Edge Warbond in Helldivers 2

In comparison, the Steeled Veterans Warbond does not offer as much as Cutting Edge. Despite providing some interesting weapon options, they do not hold a candle to the best Primary Weapons in Helldivers 2. Steeled Veterans’ armor options fare slightly better but are not essential unless you really like their look.

Of course, you can always grind up enough Super Credits to get both! Or purchase them outright. However, if you’re only looking to get one, we’d recommend Cutting Edge over Steeled Veterans. For more guides similar to this one, make sure to dive straight into our Guide Hub.