Helldivers 2 Update Makes Planetary Hazards Less Likely To Kill You

Helldivers 2 Update Makes Planetary Hazards Less Likely To Kill You

The most recent update for Helldivers 2 has reduced the frequency of planetary hazards and implemented various other balancing issues to make the game easier.

The update addresses the balancing issues introduced to Helldivers 2 from a previous patch that introduced planetary hazards to the game. These extra environmental challenges occur randomly while attempting to spread democracy on an alien-infested planet. However, the most recent update aims to dial these down to give Helldivers an easier go of it while scurrying about planetside.

Helldivers 2 Patch Balances Planetary Hazards & Patrol Spawns

Patch 1.000.103 for Helldivers 2 aims to address balancing for planetary hazards and patrol spawns, in addition to implementing a variety of fixes across the board. You can check out the full patch notes here.

The biggest changes this update brings are the balance fixes to planetary hazards and patrol spawns. Planetary hazards were introduced in a previous patch and added various environmental challenges, including tremors, ion storms, volcanic activity, fire tornados, and meteor showers. Despite introducing some fun gameplay elements, many found the frequency of these planetary hazards to be too high. Hopefully, they will now feel like the rare spectacle they were first intended to be.

Elsewhere, the patch also addresses the frequency of patrol spawns. More specifically, it aims to reduce the “incidents of patrols spawning on players.” It will, hopefully, lead to missions feeling a little less one-sided. In addition to these balance changes, the patch brings a host of bug and crash fixes across the board. The EXO-45 Patriot Exosuit now works as intended, and various known crashes have been removed.

Helldivers 2 salute in front of monster

However, Helldivers 2’s notorious friend request errors persist post-patch. Arrowhead community manager assured fans on Discord that this is one of the game’s “top issues.” While the communication is appreciated, it’s a shame a fix wasn’t implemented this time. Here’s hoping the friend request issue will be resolved in the next update.

That’s it on the most recent balance patch for Helldivers 2. For everything else regarding the game, be sure to stick around and head over to our Guide hub here.