Adam as the Elder Naytiba in Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade: Should You Take Adam’s Hand?

At the end of Stellar Blade, players are forced to choose whether to join Adam or not. Here’s which choice you should make and what happens with every ending.

Stellar Blade doesn’t have any tough choices throughout its lengthy runtime until the very last moments. After reaching the Nest, it is revealed that Adam is the Elder Naytiba you’ve been hunting down this whole time. Instead of instantly killing you, he tells you that you are the one he’s chosen to take his place and lead the Naytiba to safety. To symbolize this choice, he offers you his hand. However, should you take it and join forces, or should you ignore him?

Warning: This article contains spoilers for all three endings of Stellar Blade.

Should You Take Adam’s Hand in Stellar Blade?

Yes, you should take Adam’s hand in Stellar Blade. This is largely seen as the good ending, especially if you manage to get Lily’s bar to 100% by collecting as many Data Bank entries before you go to Orca Space Station in Spire 4. If you take his hand, EVE, Lily, and Adam (to a degree) survive, Xion is saved thanks to Adam’s final Hyper Core, and the truth about Mother Sphere is revealed.

However, not taking Adam’s hand results in the bad ending. Lily and EVE survive, but Adam and all of the Naytiba (who are basically the last of humanity) die. Even outside of the moral quandary that this choice brings, not taking Adam’s hand leads to the hardest boss fight in the game: the Elder Naytiba. However, if you choose to take his hand, the boss fight against Lily’s mech is much easier. Below, we’ll explain what happens with both choices.

The choice to take Adam's hand at the end of Stellar Blade
In-game Screenshot

What Happens if You Take Adam’s Hand?

If you have gotten Lily’s bar to 100% before reaching the Orca Space Station and then take Adam’s hand, Adam and EVE fuse into one being. This turns EVE into the Elder Naytiba, unlocking an exclusive new outfit for her. This saves the Naytiba and carries on Adam’s quest. However, Lily’s mech goes rogue as it is being controlled by Mother Sphere. You will have to defeat the mech in a relatively easy boss fight.

Once you win, EVE, now the Elder Naytiba, and Lily leave the Nest. Outside, they find Mother Sphere, who appears to them as a young girl. She tells EVE that she respects her decision before ominously leaving. Suddenly, the Colony appears in hundreds of ships, and several Airborne soldiers drop down. You then have to fight and kill them all, although you cannot die in this sequence as you are essentially a godlike figure.

EVE as the Elder Naytiba in Stellar Blade
EVE as the Elder Naytiba.
In-game screenshot

The screen fades to black before opening on Xion. Lily has delivered the Hyper Core, and Xion has been brought back to life. All of the lights turn on, and the people are saved. EVE watches from a rooftop above before text appears saying that Lily and EVE’s journey will continue, teasing a potential sequel. This is called the Making New Memories ending.

However, if you don’t get Lily’s bar to 100% before reaching the Orca Space Station and then take Adam’s hand, Lily is killed inside of the mech during the boss fight, and the game ends with EVE fighting the endless hordes of airborne soldiers. This is called the Cost of Lost Memories ending.

What Happens if You Don’t Take Adam’s Hand?

If you choose to not take Adam’s hand, Adam accepts EVE’s decision, but tells her he still needs to protect the Naytiba. You’ll then fight the human form of Adam, which is a ridiculously easy boss fight. After defeating him, he will transform into the terrifying Elder Naytiba, transporting you into a white void. You’ll have to defeat him, and, trust us, it’s a very challenging fight.

If you manage to beat Adam, he returns to his human form, and EVE kills him. The Nest then begins to fall apart, with all the sleeping Naytibas being killed. EVE and Lily escape and meet Mother Sphere, who appears as a young girl, outside. Mother Sphere tells EVE that she made the right decision and is waiting for you. EVE and Lily get onboard a ship and fly into space. There, they see the entire Colony surrounding Earth ominously. A message pops up saying that the adventure will continue. This is called the Return to the Colony ending.

EVE killing Adam in Stellar Blade
EVE killing Adam.
In-game screenshot

That’s everything you need to know about Stellar Blade’s final decision. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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