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Another Crab’s Treasure: Assist Mode, Explained

The Assist Mode in Another Crab’s Treasure exists to make the game easier for players. It’s the perfect way to experience a soulslike game without all the stress.

If you’ve been keen to try a soulslike game for a while but are worried you won’t be very good at it, Another Crab’s Treasure is for you. While many debate whether soulslikes should have difficulty modes in the first place, Another Crab’s Treasure has decided that it just wants to be as accessible to all players as possible. So, its combat and bosses are tough as nails, but it has a plethora of options to make them easier if you feel so inclined. Below, we outline how the Assist Mode works in Another Crab’s Treasure.

What Is the Assist Mode in Another Crab’s Treasure

The Assist Mode in Another Crab’s Treasure is a set of options that make the game significantly easier for those who are finding it too challenging. You can access the Assist Mode tab in the Settings menu, either from the title screen or at any point in your playthrough from the main menu. You can toggle these options on or off whenever you like, and you aren’t penalized for using them.

Another Crab’s Treasure Assist Mode Explained

There are several options within the Assist Mode tab that affect various aspects of gameplay. This includes the damage you take, the durability of your Shell, and more. It is also how you get the insta-kill gun, which you get an achievement for using against any enemy. Here is a list of all the options and what they affect in Another Crab’s Treasure’s Assist Mode.

  • Extra Shell Durability – This increases the durability of your Shell significantly, reducing the amount of time before you need to replace it.
  • Reduce Damage Taken – This will make enemies’ attacks weaker. While it doesn’t make you immortal, it does make combat fairly trivial
  • Lower Enemy Health – This makes killing enemies a lot easier. Their health is reduced by quite a lot, allowing you to one-hit kill a lot of basic mobs.
  • Extra Dodge Invincibility – This increases the amount of frames after dodging in which you are invulnerable to damage.
  • Extra Parry Window – This increases the amount of time before an enemy’s attack where parrying will be considered a perfect parry and not a block.
  • Prevent Microplastic Loss On Death – This will ensure you keep all of your currently collected Microplastics whenever you die, negating the need to go hunt them down.
  • Prevent Pitfall Damage – This allows you to drop from great heights without losing health.
  • Slow Down Game Speed – This makes combat easier by slowing it down, allowing you to register attacks and parry better.
  • Give Kril A Gun – This gives Kril an insta-kill gun Shell with unlimited ammo.
The Assist Mode settings in Another Crab's Treasure

Some of these options will be automatically toggled on depending on which difficulty you choose. However, you can switch them all on for a much easier experience whenever you like. Another Crab’s Treasure won’t judge you for using the Assist Mode. It exists to encourage all kinds of players to try out its fun spin on the soulslike genre. That’s everything you need to know about the Assist Mode in Another Crab’s Treasure. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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