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Another Crab’s Treasure: All Adaptations & Where to Find Them

Another Crab’s Treasure features Adaptations, unique abilities that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Here’s what each of them does and where you can find them.

The cute-looking Soulslike world of Another Crab’s Treasure can be surprisingly challenging. It is best to prepare yourself, and although you may already have your shells and stats all picked out, there is another way to prepare. Adaptations are different abilities in the game that give you the upper hand. We have compiled together all of the details on Adaptations and where to find them in Another Crab’s Treasure.

How Many Adaptations Are In Another Crab’s Treasure?

There are 8 various Adaptations for players to find around the world of Another Crab’s Treasure. Some are unlocked through story progression, while others are hidden and must be sought out. Each one is unique, assisting you in either combat or open-world exploration. Below, we have listed each of the Adaptations for players to find, as well as what they do and where to locate them.

How to Upgrade Adaptations in Another Crab’s Treasure

To upgrade your Adaptation in Another Crab’s Treasure, you must go to Grovekeeper Topoda in the Expired Grove. However, when you first visit him, you’ll have to defeat him in quite a difficult boss fight. Fortunately, it’s absolutely worthwhile, as he’ll also give you the ability to break through purple Umami blocks.

In order to reach Topoda, you’ll need to defeat Heikea in the Expired Grove. You’ll do this as part of the main story. Once you’ve beaten him, head to the locked door in the boss room and turn right. Go down the drop, head towards Curdled Village, and then climb the hill until you reach an area covered in dead crabs. This is where you fight Topoda.

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You’ll be able to upgrade each Adaptation to increase their effect’s power. For example, upgrading the Bobbit Trap Adaptation allows it to deal damage over time. Upgrading it further increases the length of time the enemy is trapped. So, make sure to upgrade your Adaptations as soon as possible in Another Crab’s Treasure in order to get the most out of them.

All Adaptations in Another Crab’s Treasure

#1 – Bobbit Trap

  • Ability: Place a spectral Bobbit Worm to ensnare and devour any enemy that walks across its hiding spot.
    • Level 2: Deals damage over time to the trapped enemy.
    • Level 3: Traps the enemy for longer, and makes them take increased damage from all sources.
  • How to Obtain: In the western portion of The Sands Between. Navigate beyond the earthworms in the area and venture up the hill. At the top will be the Adaptation.
Bobbit Trap Adaptation Another Crab's Treasure
Image Credit – Dot Esports

#2 – Bubble Bullet

  • Ability: Mimics the Pistol Shrimp’s mighty projectile, firing a damaging bubble of Umami.
    • Level 2: Fires a larger bullet that can Capsize an enemy.
    • Level 3: Hold the button down to fire rapidly.
  • How to Obtain: In Flotsam Vale. Beat the Creviche Sisters bosses to receive it.
Bubble Bullet another crab's treasure
Image Credit – Dot Esports

#3 – Electrocute

  • Ability: Call upon a playful eel to shock nearby enemies or power certain equipment. Electrocute is usable on depowered crab statues to access hidden areas.
    • Level 2: Summon duration increased.
    • Level 3: Damage and stun duration increased.
  • How to Obtain: During the story, in Flotsam Vale. Received by defeating the boss called Voltai.
Electrocute adaptation
Image Credit – Dot Esports

#4 – Mantis Punch

  • Ability: Unleash the overwhelming might of a Mantis Shrimp to demolish your enemies or certain Umami-infused objects. Mantis Punch is capable of destroying Purple Umami Blocks.
    • Level 2: Protects Kril from being interrupted while charging.
    • Level 3: Move with imperceptible speed before reappearing in front of your target.
  • How to Obtain: Beat Grovekeeper Topoda, located past the Curdled Village in Expired Grove.
Mantis Punch adaptation
Image Credit – Dot Esports

#5 – Royal Wave

  • Ability: Subjugate enemies in front of you with a massive swipe of a Dungeness Crab’s claw, causing them to briefly take increased damage from all sources.
    • Level 2: Size and damage increased.
    • Level 3: Cost lowered by 1 Umami Charge
  • How to Obtain: The Shallows. Defeat Magista, Duchess of Slacktide boss.
Royal Wave adaptation
Image Credit – Dot Esports

#6 – Snail Sanctum

  • Ability: When naked, use to summon a shell of pure Umami. As a bonus, using this Adaptation will unlock the Snail Sanctum Shell in your Shell Collection.
    • Level 2: Gives Spirit Conch a Spirit Shell.
    • Level 3: Greatly improves Spirit Conch’s stats.
  • How to Obtain: The Unfathom, defeat the boss called Petroch, The False Moon.
Snail Sanctum another crab's treasure
Image Credit – Dot Esports

#7 – Tactical Tentacle

  • Ability: Summon a tentacle of pure Umami that attacks along with you as you swing your blade.
    • Level 2: Size and summon duration increased.
    • Level 3: Increased damage. Tentacle attacks heal Kril for a percentage of damage dealt.
  • How to Obtain: Beat The Consortium boss in Flotsam Vale. Travel back to the Expired Grove until you encounter a hammer crab. North of the crab is a Purple Umami Block; destroy it with a Mantis Punch. Travel the higher path until you reach a platform on a cliff overlook with a fishing pole. Lower the fishing pole shortcut but continue along the same route to reach The Consortium.
Tactical Tentacle adaptation
Image Credit – Dot Esports

#8 – Urchin Toss

  • Ability: Throw an urchin that sticks to enemies before exploding.
  • How to Obtain: In the Lower Crust region, you will come across a Blue Urchin character. Talk to him and begin running into him. Each time you do, exhaust the dialogue options. When you are almost to death from the process, the Urchin will stop you and gift you the Adaptation.
Urchin Toss adaptation
Image Credit – RECT_HYDRA on Youtube

That is everything to know about Adaptations and how to unlock them in Another Crab’s Treasure. The Soulslike is a fun and interesting take on the genre, with plenty to offer players. If you want to know more about the game, make sure to visit our Guide Hub.


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