Among Us TV Show Reveals Cast Featuring Elijah Wood, Ashley Johnson and More

The cast of the upcoming animated Among Us TV show has been revealed, including Elijah Wood, Ashley Johnson, and other icons.

In recent years, video game adaptations to movies and TV series have skyrocketed, such as the beloved Super Mario Bros. movie and the upcoming Fallout TV series. Now, Among Us has joined the fun in a brand-new animated TV series featuring iconic celebrities. It’s refreshing to see video game adaptations finally do well. Hopefully, the upcoming Among Us TV show will live up to expectations.

Who Are the Crewmates in the Among Us TV Show?

According to a recent Hollywood Reporter article, some of the Crewmates for the Among Us TV Show have been unveiled. Below is this list of actors and the Crewmates they will be voicing.

  • Red: Randall Park – a ‘people-pleasing, blowhard captain of the Skeld ship.
  • Purple: Ashley Johnson – the ship’s suspicious and sarcastic head of security.
  • Orange: Yvette Nicole Brown – the head of HR.
  • Green: Elijah Wood – an unpaid intern.
Among Us Animated TV Show Teaser

Although some of the Crewmates have been revealed, it is still unknown who the Imposter will be. Among Us is all about discovering who the Imposter is amongst the Crewmates, hence the name, so it is possible that the Imposter will not be revealed until the series comes out. This would allow viewers to try and work out who the Imposter is, akin to a murder mystery film.

When Will the Among Us TV Show Be Released?

The Among Us Animated TV series has been in production for several months, but there is still no information on when the show will be released. CBS Studios’ Eye Animation Productions, Titmouse, a studio known for its hit series Big Mouth, and Innersloth, the developers behind Among Us, are all working on the series together.

There is much to look forward to for the anticipated Among Us TV show for viewers and players. That’s everything you need to know about the Among Us TV show’s revealed cast. If you’d like to find more information like this on other related news, feel free to check out our Guide Hub.