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Manor Lords: How to Gain Influence

Players will need a lot of influence in Manor Lords to press claims on regions and engage in diplomacy with the AI-controlled Lord. Here’s how you get more.

Influence is a key part of Manor Lords. It allows you to claim other land, including that of your opponent, as well as send diplomatic messages to the AI-controlled Lord. However, it may not be clear to some how you get more. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy and will just require you to do what you were doing anyway.

How to Gain Influence in Manor Lords

Players can gain influence in four key ways in Manor Lords. These are:

  • Raising your settlement level
  • Enacting new policies
  • Defeating bandit camps
  • Upgrading churches and manors

By far, the easiest method is to raise your settlement level, as you’ll be doing this naturally. You’ll increase your settlement level by building more Burgage Plots. The higher your settlement level, the more Burgage Plots you’ll need to build. You can check out our full settlement level guide here. Additionally, you can find out what task will raise your settlement level next by hovering over your settlement name.

Defeating bandit camps is relatively easy to do, especially once you’ve got around 50 or so families and can raise two militia units. Bandit camps don’t tend to have very many units in them, so they’re easy to take out. Of course, it’ll cut back on how many resources you can make, but it’ll also prevent bandits from stealing your goods. Additionally, successfully defeating bandit raids will also give you influence. As these happen once every year or two, you’ll get passive influence from preventing these.

Manor Lords combat
Fighting bandits to earn influence

Of course, enacting new policies is always helpful, but you’ll need to raise your settlement level first before you gain access to this feature. Finally, upgrading churches and manors is relatively challenging, as you’ll need a lot of resources. While the influence gain is significant, it’s not worth your time and effort. Focus on increasing your settlement level and defeating bandits, and you’ll have more than enough influence to claim other regions. We certainly found that to be the case in our playthrough.

That’s everything you need to know about gaining influence in Manor Lords. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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