Among Us New Roles and Cosmicubes Key Art

Among Us Receives New Update With Roles, Progression and Currency

Among Us has received a huge new update titled Role and Cosmicubes that features new character roles, a progression system, and currency.

The Role and Cosmicubes update introduces four new character roles: Scientist, Engineer, Guardian Angel, and the Shapeshifter. Out of these four new roles, three will be available for Crewmates, and the other will be an Imposter role.

  • Scientist: They can access vitals at any time and complete tasks to recharge their battery.
  • Engineer: They can use vents.
  • Guardian Angel: They can put a protective shield around other crewmates.
  • Shapeshifter: This role lets the Imposter take on the appearance of another crewmate.


The new Among Us update will introduce a whole new system of cosmetics and in-game currencies. There will be both free and paid customization options, plus new sets of exclusive drip called Cosmicubes.

According to Innercloth, Cosmicubes are “special cosmetic cubes that have themed items you unlock via a branching path. These items tend to be more special or detailed. Different Cosmicubes are bought using Beans or Stars, but their contents can only be unlocked by earning Pods through gameplay.”

Stars are the game’s new premium currency, and Beans are the free currency, which can be earned through playing Among Us. If players have a Cosmicube activated, they will earn Pods to unlock more cosmetic items related to the specific Cosmicube. Furthermore, players will now also earn XP and level up in the game. When you level up, you will earn Beans and Pods, and if you are a higher character level, you will receive more.

Among Us New Roles and Cosmicubes Example
Image Credit – Innersloth

With new currencies spanning across platforms, accounts need to be linked, and Innersloth has done just that. Items, XP, and currencies will link between all platforms except for the Nintendo Switch. This will be available in a future update.

You can read the full notes on the update here. Among Us launches on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One on December 14.


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