Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting DLC feat. Among Us

Vampire Survivors Partners with Among Us For New DLC “Emergency Meeting”

Vampire Survivors is partnering with Among Us to release a brand new DLC titled Emergency Meeting.

poncle, the developer behind Vampire Survivors, is continuing their quest to add anything but vampires to the game by partnering with Among Us for a full-sized DLC. Here are all the details you need to know:

What is the Emergency Meeting DLC in Vampire Survivors?

Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting DLC is a full-sized Among Us-themed DLC, where the Survivors have run out of places to hunt vampires, so the only logical next step is… space. Here are all the new features in Emergency Meeting:

Nine New Characters

  • Crewmate Dino – A versatile all-rounder, Dino enhances stats upon completing tasks, such as leveling up weapons.
  • Engineer Gino – Renowned for exceptional task proficiency, Gino provides an array of passive weapons from their toolbox at regular intervals.
  • Ghost Lino – With the ability to phase through walls and invulnerability, Lino tackles tasks without causing harm.
  • Shapeshifter Nino – Vanishing into thin air and summoning unexpected snowmen, Nino’s enigmatic abilities promise a puzzling experience for others to decipher.
  • Guardian Pina – Every Crewmate needs an angelic Guardian. Pina offers moral support and fortifies nearby allies’ defenses while completing undesirable tasks such as taking out the garbage.
  • Impostor Rina – A seemingly innocent Crewmate with no ulterior motives, Rina is undoubtedly an all-natural bean. There’s absolutely nothing suspicious to contemplate.
  • Scientist Mina – A scientific prodigy with an unfortunate proneness for clumsiness, Mina’s knack for dropping hazardous chemicals becomes advantageous when facing extraterrestrial threats.

New Weapons

The Emergency Meeting DLC in Vampire Survivors lets you transform your tasks into 15 powerful weapons to defend yourself from Impostors, Shapeshifters, and extra-terrestrial beings. You can use the Report! weapon to blash away enemies, the Lucky Swipe to slice foes in half, and Just Vent to drop enemies to their death. There are plenty of new weapons for players to try out.

New Stage in Vampire Survivors

New Stage

The new stage in Vampire Survivors is a replica of the popular Among Us map Polus, titled Polus Replica.

Different interesting biomes exist to explore, with tasks to complete and chests to open. However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows; aliens, robots, and ducks are invading the map, and you don’t know who to trust. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Emergency Meeting Release Date

The Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting DLC is available now for PC and Xbox, with Nintendo Switch and mobile coming at a later date.

The DLC costs £1.99 / US$2.49 / €2.49 / AU$2.99, which is obviously a great price for the amount of content you receive. You can check out the Steam page here.

Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting DLC
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