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Manor Lords: How to Increase Your Settlement Level

Players will need to increase their settlement level in Manor Lords in order to gain access to new features and building types. Here’s how you increase it.

When you start Manor Lords, you’ll have a very small settlement. You will only be able to construct a limited number of buildings to get yourself set up. However, by increasing your settlement level, you can unlock a vast array of new features that’ll help you turn your small camp into a bustling town. There are 7 settlement levels currently in Manor Lords Early Access phase. Here is how you reach the top level.

How to Increase Your Settlement Level in Manor Lords

To increase your settlement level in Manor Lords, you must build Burgage Plots. These are the houses that your families live in. To begin with, you’ll just need to build level 1 Burgage Plots. However, in order to reach a higher settlement level, you’ll need to construct level 2 and eventually level 3 Burgage Plots. For example, to reach settlement level 4, you’ll need to build 10 level 1 Burgage Plots and 5 level 2 Burgage Plots.

Building higher level Burgage Plots just involves upgrading your existing Burgage Plots by meeting their specific needs. This will cost you a certain amount of resources, so you’ll need to make sure you have those on hand. Below is a table of exactly what you need to build in order to reach each settlement level:

Settlement LevelNo. of Lvl 1 Burgage Plots RequiredNo. of Lvl 2 Burgage Plots RequiredNo. of Lvl 3 Burgage Plots Required
Level 1 – Settler’s Camp
Level 2 – Small Village5
Level 3 – Medium Village52
Level 4 – Large Village105
Level 5 – Small Town1073
Level 6 – Medium Town101010
Level 7 – Large Town302015
The Development Point tree in Manor Lords
In-game screenshot

Once you’ve reached a new settlement level, you’ll unlock a Development Point. These can be used to unlock unique abilities or bonuses for your settlement. For example, you can unlock the market stands that generate a passive fuel and food income at the cost of some Gold. It’s important to focus on increasing your settlement level when you can, as it’ll help you generate even more income and resources for your people.

How to Level Up Your Burgage Plots

To level up your Burgage Plots, you need to ensure your markets are selling a variety of food, clothes, and fuel. You’ll also need a Tarvern, Church, and Well constructed in your settlement. You can click on a Burgage Plot to see what requirements you need to meet in order to level it up. Additionally, if you aren’t sure what settlement level you’re on or which Burgage Plots you need to focus on next, you can hover over your settlement name to see.

That’s everything you need to know about increasing your settlement level in Manor Lords. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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