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Manor Lords: How to Get Villagers to Move Into Houses

When players first start their Manor Lords settlement, they may find their villagers aren’t moving into the houses they’ve built. Here’s how to fix that.

Starting a settlement in Manor Lords can be a bit tricky. You need to balance the needs and wants of your villagers while attempting to build the basics like housing and marketplaces. Fortunately, once you’ve got your houses set up, things get a little easier. However, getting your villagers to move into those houses can be oddly tricky. They seem to prefer their tents. Fortunately, getting them to move in is easy once you know how.

How to Get Villagers to Move into Burgage Plots in Manor Lords

To get your villagers and families to move into houses in Manor Lords, you need to increase your approval rating to above 50%. Additionally, you need to make sure that the Burgage Plot needs are met. Fortunately, these both go hand in hand, as meeting the needs of your Burgage Plots will increase your approval rating.

To increase your approval rating, you will need to ensure that your marketplace sells different kinds of food, as well as fuel and clothes. Additionally, having a Church and a Well in your town will also increase your approval rating. However, by far, the most important boost to your approval rating is ensuring you have surplus food and fuel. For example, to meet the needs of a level 1 Burgage Plot and thus increase it to level 2, you’ll need a Well, a Wooden Church, 1 Fuel Stall in the market, 2 Food Stalls, and 1 Clothing Stall.

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You can check the needs of each Burgage Plot by clicking on it. If it’s filled in, then you know that its needs are met. Once your approval rating rises, you’ll find that families will automatically move into a home. Unfortunately, you cannot force them to move into one. It is a bit strange that your villagers would rather live in tents as opposed to the homes you built. However, it is just a case of being patient. Eventually, they will move in the more you develop your settlement. Just be careful not to overbuild Burgages and waste your resources. Only build a handful at first, and focus your resources on other building types to ensure your economy and resource income increase.

That’s everything you need to know about getting your villagers to move into houses in Manor Lords. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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