Call of Duty: MW3 Monster

All Monster Energy Rewards in Call of Duty: MW3

Call of Duty: MW3 features a promotion through Monster Energy, with different rewards that can be earned. Here is what players can unlock.

The Call of Duty series has done many promotions over the years, and MW3 is no exception. The game has already had a few, including with the pizza franchise Little Caesars. Fortunately, fans of the popular energy drink Monster Energy get their own promotion. Thanks to their long-standing partnership, players can get MW3 rewards by purchasing different Monster Energy Drink products. Below, we tell you the different rewards available and how to earn them.

All Monster Energy Rewards in Call of Duty: MW3

Six different in-game items can be earned in Call of Duty: MW3, ranging from Weapon Blueprints to Operator Skins. Below is a list of the different items in the order you can earn them through the Monster Energy promotion:

  • Item #1: Inner Beast Weapon Blueprint for MTZ 556 + 15-Minute x2 XP Token
  • Item #2: The Beast Operator Skin for BBQ + 15-Minute x2 XP Token
  • Item #3: Caught in the Crosshairs Weapon Vinyl + 15-Minute x2 XP Token
  • Item #4: Zero Chill Operator Skin for BBQ + 15-Minute x2 XP Token
  • Item #5: Mark of the Beast Emblem + 15-Minute x2 XP Token
  • Item #6: Beast Up Operator Skin for BBQ + 15-Minute x2 XP Token
MW3 Monster Energy Rewards

Players should note that each token earned is a player XP token, not a double weapon XP token or a double Battle Pass XP token. After earning all six rewards, players can continue to redeem their purchases. However, each reward afterward is a 15-minute double XP token. The rewards system works similarly to that of the Little Caesars promotion, where after earning all of the rewards, double XP tokens were given instead. The promotion has come at a good time, as the first season of Call of Duty: MW3 starts very soon. So, players can start leveling up and prestige in the game then.

How to Redeem Monster Energy Drink Codes for Call of Duty: MW3

The code can be found by pulling tabs or uploading your Monster Energy receipts to the Call of Duty & Monster Energy promotional website. After logging into the website through your Call of Duty account or linked platform account, head over to the My Codes section to begin entering or uploading your purchases. To earn every reward, six different purchases or codes must be uploaded to the associated account on the promotion’s website, and the rewards will automatically be in-game. The best way to ensure the right can of Monster Energy is purchased is by looking for any Call of Duty: MW3 promotional art or logos on the product.

That is everything concerning the Monster Energy x Call of Duty: MW3 promotion, make sure to check out our Game Guide Hub for more information on the game, including reviews and the best load-outs to use.