Little Caesars MW3 Skin

How to Get the Little Caesars Skin in Call of Duty: MW3

Call of Duty: MW3 features varying promotions, including one with Little Caesars Pizza, in which players can receive an operator skin.

There are many items players can unlock in-game from purchasing items in the real world. The pizza chain Little Caesars is one of the newer brands to join in giving players rewards for MW3. There are different items players can earn by purchasing from them. Below, we explain how to get the rewards from the promotion.

How to Get the Little Caesars Operator Skin & Rewards in Call of Duty: MW3

Players must order $3 or more of food from Little Caesars to earn the first rewards of a charm, calling card, and emblem. Making a second purchase of that minimum amount awards the Operator Skin. Players must ensure they have their receipts to upload to the promotion’s website. Doing so allows for the receipts to be verified then the rewards will be given to the Call of Duty account that is assigned when logging into the promotion.

Furthermore, players who continue making purchases at Little Caesars and upload their purchase receipts will further earn rewards in the form of Double XP. This gives those wanting to level up faster a chance to do so. The promotion between Call of Duty: MW3 and Little Caesars runs from November 1, 2023, to January 31, 2023, but players must make their purchases by December 31, 2023.

Call of Duty: MW3 Little Caesars
Jabber Operator, In-game Screenshot

Who Is the Little Caesars Operator Skin For in Call of Duty: MW3

The Little Caesars Operator Skin, known as Slice Slayer, is for the Jabber Operator in Call of Duty: MW3. As there are a lot of different Operators within the game, it may be tough to find where the skin is to equip. Additionally, many Operator outfits are not universal between the characters and are specific to certain people.

The “Jabber” Operator is part of the SpecGru team in the Multiplayer mode of Call of Duty: MW3. Players can unlock the base skin of the Operator by finishing the “Danger Close” mission of the game’s campaign. However, earning the Little Caesars skin unlocks just that version of Jabber for players.

Now you know how to earn the Little Caesars skin in Call of Duty: MW3. Anyone curious for more details on the game can go to our Game Guide Hub here.