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What is Strafing in Call of Duty: MW3?

There are many ways to gain an edge over your opponent in Call of Duty: MW3, including Strafing. But what is it, and how do you do it?

As the Call of Duty series continues to grow older, players are looking for more ways to evolve their gameplay. An example such as Quickscoping comes to mind with how the community tries experimenting to ensure they have the advantage. However, strafing is a simple and effective method in Call of Duty: MW3, and here’s what you need to do.

What is Strafing in Call of Duty: MW3?

Strafing is the action of moving the player character from side to side while firing at your enemy. Doing this action allows the enemy to have a harder time hitting you as you constantly shift movement and damage them. Strafing is effective for winning in gunfights, whether on a larger map like Estate or close-quarters like Rust. The newest entry has introduced the mechanic of Tac-Stance, allowing for even more significant movement speed. Therefore, strafing is as optimized as ever.

In order to Strafe, players can simply move their character in either direction using the directional inputs on the platform of their choice. It can be done in either a standard Aim Down Sight mode, hip-fire, or through the Tac-Stance feature.

A shotgun with the option to toggle Tac Stance on in MW3

The Benefits of Strafing in Call of Duty: MW3?

Strafing allows you to dodge incoming fire and survive longer in Call of Duty: MW3. Furthermore, strafing kills are needed when doing particular camo challenges for weapons. Here are all the weapons that require the use of strafing:

Weapons Requiring Strafing

  • DG-58 (Assault Rifle): Get 10 kills while ADS and strafing.
    • Reward: Forged Camo
  • DG-58 LSW (Light Machine Gun): 25 Hipfire kills while strafing.
    • Reward: Priceless Camo
  • Holger 26 (Light Machine Gun): 25 Hipfire kills while strafing.
    • Reward: Priceless Camo

While only a few camo challenges require the mechanic, these weapons are typically long-range or have a significant hip-fire radius. Therefore, it’s best to equip attachments that help with the player’s hip-fire accuracy, and strafing will play a huge role in keeping the damage away from you.

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