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Call of Duty: MW3: What Is Dev Error 12744 & How to Fix It?

Some players are experiencing the unfamiliar Dev Error 12744 in Call of Duty: MW3. Here is what it is and how to fix it.

Many aspects of MW3 revolve around being online, whether that’s playing with friends in Multiplayer or Zombies. However, this, unfortunately, leads to a plethora of different and annoying errors. However, an unusual code has been popping up for some players, known as Dev Error 12744. Below, we have details on what the error code is and how to solve it.

What is Dev Error 12744 in Call of Duty: MW3?

Dev Error 12744 is a technical error code issued when starting different playlists, such as Mosh-pit in multiplayer or split-screen. The error code appears on the screen, not allowing players to join that chosen activity. While cases of the error code were few before, they have become more apparent with the recent playlist update for Call of Duty: MW3 on Thursday. The error seems to be a technical fault with the playlist patch, not a fault on the player’s end.

Unfortunately, when looking at Dev Error 12744, there is no description of the problem and why it is popping up. This further adds to the issue for people as they are trying to figure out why it is occurring and how to fix it. However, there are solutions to the error code that can be used to deal with it.

Call of Duty: MW3 Dev Error
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How to Fix Dev Error 12744

To fix Dev Error 12744, you simply need to restart your game and head into your chosen playlist. Additionally, ensure that your game is updated correctly on your platform of choice. Lastly, as extra precautions, players can ensure that their internet connection works as intended. If needed, clear out your platform caches if the Dev Error 12744 continues to persist in their game until Sledgehammer Games sends through an official patch. However, restarting the game should be enough to get around the error code.

These solutions, however, are not official fixes and are only workarounds for dealing with the error code. There has been no word from Sledgehammer Games on a fix for the error code. Players have made the issue known, however, and with the developer being very communicative with fans, it should only be a matter of time before the issue is addressed. You can keep an eye on the official Updates X account (formerly Twitter) to hear about when this issue is fixed.

That is everything to know about Dev Error 12744 and how to deal with it if you receive it. Anyone curious about Call of Duty: MW3 should check out our Games Hub for further information.


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