Helldivers 2 Meta Loadouts

What is the Meta Loadout in Helldivers 2

Killing mechs and squashing bugs is as fun as ever, but you’ll need a meta loadout when tackling the hardest difficulties in Helldivers 2.

A meta loadout not only helps you dominate enemies and spread “democracy” but also makes the game more fun by amplifying the power fantasy of being a Helldiver.

What is The Meta Loadout in Helldivers 2?

To have the meta loadout in Helldivers 2 (after the most recent Nerfs), you’ll need to equip the SG-8S Slugger Shotgun, P-19 Redeemer Pistol, light/medium armor, and stamina booster.

You’ll need to adjust your grenade, passive trait, and stratagems depending on whether you’re fighting the Automatons or Terminids, which we’ll cover below.

Meta Loadout for Automatons

The Meta loadout for shutting down Automatons is:

Helldivers 2 Meta Loadouts
Helldivers 2 Meta Loadouts

Meta Loadout for Terminids

The Meta loadout for stepping on Terminids is:

With our meta loadouts, you’re going to have no trouble taking down the hardest difficulty levels in Helldivers 2. With that being said, though, this game is all about having fun! There are very few games out at the moment that would rival Helldivers 2’s fun factor.

Even though we believe this guide has the most meta loadouts in Helldivers 2 right now, always opt for the options that bring you the most joy. Can’t get enough of Helldivers 2? Check out our Guide Hub for everything there is to know about Helldivers 2.